Schedules for this week!

Hey guys! I figured I’ll make a post about this week’s schedule. As you guys know, I have a law exam on Wednesday and I can’t fail that test as it’s one of the main criteria for me to graduate from the academy.

I’ll be spending time on it for this week. Therefore, there will only be 3-4 chapters this week. I sincerely apologise for it. The chapters will be on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There MAY or MAY NOT be chapters on Wednesday but I will try my best to release for you guys.

I thank you for your patience and understanding. Once again, I apologise for the inconvenience…

PS: I’m not playing Pokemon GO, at least not till my exams are over xD
Oh and, after nearly 3 months of training, I can fit one hand into my pants xD That’s how much weight I’ve lost lol

46 thoughts on “Schedules for this week!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Don’t even bother with chapters. As much as we enjoy TDG, your future has much more importance than a few chapters. Buckle down, don’t bother with translating, and get a good score.

  2. Study hard and pass that exam yeah? Make sure to focus and it’s all goods about the chapters. No need to worry, your life comes first before these chapters. Good Luck with your exam Thyaeria!?

  3. Ayeeee L[a]mao… I have a Pharmacology Exam this week… Great. Now have nothing to distract me from the horror of antihypertensive, antianginal, diuretics, and other ♡ drugs. ?

  4. Good luck on your exam, and GG dude! Stick that hand down your pants! Ya’ know what, try sticking down both hands down your pants.

    *folds arms and nods at self*
    “It’s hard to lose weight.”

    *starts to salavate at the thoughts of abs*

  5. Practitioners like I, can wait while you focus on your own cultivation young master Thyaeria.

    p.s. Try putting your hand in your pants during your exams for bonus points . Trust me I’ve done it, always works !

  6. …my brain stopped midway in the final sentence…it was openly interpretable up until that point… X3 On the other hand, study hard and good luck!!!!

  7. Ugh… Exams or Addiction … Exam or Addiction … why you do this to me i finally got into light novels and you cut off my supply 3: … well you better get a mark Nie Lie would support … thinking now Nie Lie would properly make you a translating slave to force the story to continue … well good luck and if you don’t get at-least 75% right don’t blame me for being impolite (o-o).

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