SA Releases – Chapter 668-669

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Have you guys heard about the collision of the neutron stars they witnessed in August. Truly crazy stuff. So get this; the gravitational waves they measured actually arrived before light from the collision. How is this possible, they wonder, when nothing can move faster than light? It may also potentially give hints as to the process that creates black holes! And just to scare you a little bit, it was pumping out gamma ray radiation that – if we had been in its path – would have immediately destroyed our atmosphere and all life on Earth!

Space is so cool.

Chapter 668: Admiral Kang Hui


Chapter 669: Female Officer

Enjoy, because tomorrow could decide to make the Earth start over.


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    1. The misconception probably arose from the fact that the GWs were “detected” before the gamma radiation but that was only due to the position of the detectors relative to the explosion itself. The GW detector was physically closer due to the orientation of Earth.

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