SA Release – Chapter 489

What’s going on?!

It’s raining Skyfire Avenue!

Chapter 489: The Cosmagus and the Epochrion

edit: jcheung


Skyfire Avenue is going full time, baby.

We’re going to be pumping out several releases a day for all you lovely fans out there. Release times and amount may vary as I get myself a working routine, but stay tuned and pay attention, or you might miss something! This train aint stoppin’ till we hit the end, people!

7 thoughts on “SA Release – Chapter 489” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Xiao Lai, Seriously. Make this post bigger, I nearly missed this even being a new chapter, and only saw it because someone posted on discord. Make it bigger, make it bolder, and pin it!

  2. Ooh that sounds cool. Only read the first chapter and dropped this novel. Didn’t feel good to read. Might give it another shot just cause ur doing a lot of releases 😆

    1. The first like…..60-80 chapters are largely devoid of action and is mostly just the author trying to figure out where he wanted to take the story by delaying it with overly detailed descriptions of food, drink and antiquities but it gets really good after that.

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