SA Release – Chapter 443 and Paragon Profiles

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I have for you Chapter 443: Qian Bian vs. Jiang Yuan to enjoy.

Below the jump, a gracious patron has also been kind enough to allow me to share their Paragon Profile with you. I’m writing them out for patrons until the end of the month. Enjoy!


Name: Viscount of the Red Tide, Bowbreaker

Paragon rank: 1

Discipline: Berserker Rage (Force)


Bowbreaker, known to his crew as Captain Grey, is an unaffiliated Paragon who operates out of the Shattered Starfields. Little is known of his life before becoming the legendary boogieman of the Starfields, and what exists now is mostly conjecture.

Bowbreaker runs the enterprise known as the Red Tide – a name that was given to them because of their ferocity and battle tactics. They appear and sweep through an area as quick as a tsunami, then disappear again in to the depths of space. They’re left out of the usual Pirate politics, and are largely ignored by the Alliances because of Bowbreaker’s power and reputation.

The few accounts of Bowbreaker that exist aren’t what one might consider normal for a pirate lord. He is a tall man, and pale. He carries himself with a distinctly aristocratic air as though nobility was a birthright. However, an almost feral light lurks in the depths behind his eyes.

Known as an avid reader, the Viscount of the Red Tide is a master tactician and conversationalist. His wit is only surpassed by his skill in a mecha. Though he was never officially given a ranking, those few who claim to have first-hand knowledge of the Paragon note he’s at least Sovereign rank.

Information on the Red Tide is curious. Though it’s classified as a criminal enterprise, the goods they traffic are innocuous at worst – they’re largely in the market of undermining bureaucracy. Bowbreaker commands the innermost section of the Shattered Starfields where approach is made impossible due to proximity of its sun and the fractured remains of planets. Intelligence states that he treats his subjects well, which is  in part  why actors like Zeus leave him be.

The few times Bowbreaker used his abilities in combat, the results were devastating. Once, an energy pulse with signatures like a supernova caught the attention of all three Alliances. They sent scouting parties in to the Starfields to search for the source of this strength. It was, after all, right in their back yard.

What they found were the obliterated remains of a large pirate fleet. Countless ships floated listlessly through the void, reduced to slag. This was the remains of the Copperhead Corsairs, a clan that had aspirations to take over. The scouts learned more through fragmented captain’s logs.

Bowbreaker had learned of their cruel nature and sought to purge them from the Starfields. When the Corsairs came for a confrontation, they were faced with the Pirate King all by himself. A few seconds of video show Bowbreaker – alone in the vacuum of space without even a mecha suit to aid him – tearing apart ship after ship with his bare hands.

Since then, Bowbreaker’s name has become synonymous with merciless retribution. Even the best pirates – ones like the Moonfiend Empress – avoided the center of their small galaxy. A demi-god lived there, and it was wise not to wake a sleeping kraken.


Discipline Breakdown:

Bowbreaker is a rank 1 Paragon who commands as aspect of force known as Berserker. Berserker Disciplines are always yang in nature, and are weak to the calming influences of yin. Berksers employ their Discipline to flood their bodies with Discipline and increase their attack, speed, agility and pain tolerance tremendously. For Paragons, this means they are infused with condensed protogenia. While lower-ranking Adepts find it difficult to remain calm and sane while flooded with such powerful energies, Paragons have since learned to subdue the rage. This allows them to employ world-destroying power with the practiced calm of a surgeon.

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