RWX Hiring a Paid Executive Assistant!

Aside from translating which I rather enjoy, one of the most time consuming parts of parts of running Wuxiaworld is all the random work involved. With certain plans for ramping up in 2017, it’s come to pass that I really need a full-time (flex-time ok) assistant to help me keep up with many of the things I’m currently handling myself, and so I am now looking to hire one. Before I turn to putting something in the newspaper, however, I thought I’d open it up to our readership community, as some of the best people I’ve worked with, like our Technomancers, started off as Wuxiaworld fans! If interested, read on!

EDIT – Already have 60+ applications in 6 hours.  Please understand if you don’t get an immediate response from me, as I don’t think I’ll be able to respond to every single one individually!  I plan to start reaching out to the ‘initial shortlist’ in about a week or so after all/most of the applications are in, so everyone just sit tight!

Company description: Wuxiaworld Limited is a Hong Kong based limited corporation that serves as a gateway for Chinese-language media and culture to enter the English-speaking world.  Wuxiaworld Limited was registered in October of 2015.

Position description: Be able to assist the company CEO, your friendly neighborhood RWX, in carrying out a variety of tasks.  Examples of tasks included but are not limited to:

  1. Respond to certain types of emails on my behalf while ‘screening’ them for ones which I really need to personally respond to,
  2. Build up and maintain Wuxiaworld’s social media presence/outreach on appropriate sites like Facebook, Twitter, and more.  Help do outreach on appropriate sites.
  3. Help prepare administrative paperwork for things like taxes, DMCA against aggregators, tradework/copyright registrations, and more,
  4. Do standard ‘assistant’ things like keeping track of schedules and what not as appropriate, as well as keeping certain administrative accounts for me,
  5. Keep an eye on and bring to attention things that I might have missed, such as certain reader comments, complaints, suggestions, etc.,
  6. Handle other tasks as appropriate.  When there is downtime, and early on I expect there will be a lot of down-time, it would be good if you could find ways to build value for yourself and Wuxiaworld!

Ideal Traits & Skills:

  • Language – Near-native English required.  Some Mandarin highly preferred but NOT required, although the ideal candidate would be able to read and respond to simple Chinese emails.  You do NOT need to be a translator or have translator-quality Chinese/Mandarin skills, but being able to communicate in the language definitely a major plus.
  • Work experience: No specific work experience required, but preference for people who have worked in supporting roles before, such as secretary, accountant, assistant, etc.  Bonus points for anyone who has worked in fields that involve literature/media!
  • Computer skills – I assume this goes without saying, but you should definitely be proficient in using basic software like Microsoft Word and Excel as well as using the Internet in all its varied ways.  Bonus points if you are big on social media presence like Facebook, Twitter, etc., because this is one of my personal weaknesses.
  • Willingness to learn: This is uncharted territory for all of us, and we’re all learning as we go along.  You need to be able to do so as well as you help me in areas you’ve probably never worked in before!
  • Love for novels and literature: Everyone at Wuxiaworld loves books and reading.  I want everyone here to genuinely enjoy what they do!  Geekiness in all of its forms is a big plus!
  • Professionalism: I genuinely believe that one of the reasons Coiling Dragon (and Wuxiaworld) took off was because I was very professional and serious about doing the best I could, especially on behalf of the loyal readers who donated.  For example, I think there was perhaps ONE week in the past 103 where I did less bonus chapters than the promised maximum (excluding things like ‘monthly rest days’), and that was with advance notice.  You don’t have to be a boring fuddy duddy, but I would expect my assistant to take this little project seriously, like me!  Note – this doesn’t mean I want to work you to death, it just means I expect you to always try your best and not half-ass the job 🙂
  • Location – Applicants can theoretically be from any country, but my strong preference is for people roughly in East Asia’s time zone of UTC+08:00, as that is where I am located.
  • Clean background – Because you may eventually end up having access to extremely sensitive company data, including bank information, personally identifiable information, business negotiations, NDA contracts, and more, Wuxiaworld may require that the selected hire be able to provide an authenticated ‘certificate of good conduct‘ from your country (aka criminal background check), or equivalent thereof.
  • Play nice – Above all else, needs to know how to play nice with others.  This doesn’t necessarily mean be wishy-washy or be a pushover, but I can’t and won’t deal with drama queens, screamers, grumblers, etc.  I promise to be a good colleague, and if I will express any comments (positive or negative) in a professional, friendly manner.  I expect the same from every single person I work with.
  • Long haul – A good assistant is time-consuming to find and train, so I really don’t want to do it too often.  While I’m not going to require you to sign your life away, I’m not looking for someone who is only looking for a summer job or who is just trying to fill up their time for a few months as they figure out what they ‘really want to do’.  I hope Wuxiaworld is the something you ‘really want to do’, because it is for us!

The Package:

  • Compensation – The contract salary will be very competitive for equivalent professional secretarial/assistant jobs in the China/Southeast Asia region; I know that some would probably be willing to do this for free as an intern, but I obviously believe that everyone deserves to be compensated for their work, especially if they are good at it! Compensation will be in U.S. dollars and wired out of Wuxiaworld’s company bank account in Hong Kong (Paypal may also be possible, but in my experience the end-user fees can be higher).
  • Benefits – The main benefit right now is to be able to get in on the ground floor and really watch as we continue to build this sucker up.  As things further develop in 2017-2018, if the budget allows for it you may have occasionally have the chance to be flown in to sit in on particularly important meetings alongside me with some of the most important players in the Chinese literature market (obviously only if you know Chinese though!).  You may also get access to chapters earlier than anyone else, as a small side perk ;P

Instructions: if interested, please send a brief cover email and/or resume in English to [email protected].  Please make the subject line ‘Surname, Name – Executive Assistant Application’ so I can sort through emails easily. Failure to comply is probably sign you are terrible at reading and/or following instructions and will there automatically disqualify your application xD

If this post remains stickied on the front page, it means the position is yet to be filled!  Hope to find that special you amongst our many readers 🙂


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  1. I still remember when CD is the only xianxia that we are waiting for in wuxiaworld. Im so happy for wuxia world and ofcourse for Rwx as well. Stay strong and i hope the whole world will know wuxia world’s POWER!

  2. Hello, I am a 2nd year engineering student from India. I don’t know Mandarin but I am fluent in English and have no problem working 40+ hours per week. However I do not have expertise in dealing with taxes and legal works but I am willing to learn about it. Is it fine to apply ?

  3. Hey, I am already working full-time and have another part-time job so unfortunately there is nothing I can spent more time on. But are there any other options of working with you other than donating? (I am a poor little bastard that already has to sped more than he earns so unfortunately there is no way to help you in that way)

    Have you ever thought about translating this website to other languages? (Of course as novels as well)
    Btw. I’ve read most of what you’ve got It’s just that I always read through my phone and It’s so lousy that I can’t even log on from it, so i mostly just read the comments and never leave my own. 😛

      1. Pretty sure it just means as long as no one with Chinese/mandarin applies they might consider u if someone who knows Chinese/mandrain applies then poof u go

  4. Damn, I always knew my life took a wrong turn somewhere, never thought it was because I never considered a career as an assistant and now I don’t qualify for the job at all. Anyhow, if you ever need an english-italian near-native translator, for whatevs, put a post like this and you’ll have my curriculum in your email too!

  5. Do you need a Chinese Assistant : ) who has read New Chinese Novels over ten years , but not native english speaker , just a oversea sales for candies industrial . he just has a lot of experiences on Chinese novel , from a little fresh new reader to a harem horse reader and to strength driven character fans , finally he can not read above types anymore , just chasing for high IQ and nice writing novel , which makes he satisfied . Do you have a position for he ?

  6. Hello! I am an Chinese student. I love to read novels and my favorite kind is xianxia. Maybe my English is not very good but I can find good new novels in Qidian and I want to improve my English writing skills. Can you give me chance to join your team and help more foreign friends reading the novels from China?
    What is more, I like programming and I have experience of building website and maintain it. So I think I am a good
    selection to help you make a great process in Wuxia World. Last but not least, the picture of your website that comes from my favorite novels–Panlong, I think.

  7. Hello! I am an Chinese student. I love to read novels and my favorite kind is xianxia. Maybe my English is not very good but I can find good new novels in Qidian and I want to improve my English writing skills. Can you give me chance to join your team and help more foreign friends reading the novels from China?
    What is more, I like programming and I have experience of building website and maintain it. So I think I am a good
    selection to help you make a great process in Wuxia World. Last but not least, the picture of your website that comes from my favorite novels–Panlong, I think.
    Good luck,and I hope you can find a appropriate man.

  8. 哈哈哈 壮哉我大网文 第一次发现有了吹嘘的资本 也第一次觉得想当个翻译 可惜宝宝英语并不好 我的致富之路就此断绝了 again …T T… 好想剧透哈哈哈!

    1. 听说治愈了很多瘾君子的心灵,挽救了无数失足少年 😉 具体情况不可知,但是看这些翻译太累,中文变成了英文,变拖沓了很多。

  9. 我是中国人!我的中国话说的非常好!我想有一口流利的英语!当然!只是我想!我想!我想。。。。我TM只能想想了!希望有合适的人!多多翻译中国的网络小说!让中国的网络小说走出中国!走出世界!走出宇宙!当然!能不给作者版权费就最好了!他们已经赚的够多了!

  10. Not sure if you’ve considered this, but you may want to add in there under “preferred job experience” some kind of experience with WordPress. I know you’ve already gotten a lot of apps, but just something to consider. Hyperlinking and formatting for a webpage can be time consuming, even more so when you’re having to learn how to do it on the fly. I hope everything works out!

  11. Thou shalt not receiveth any assistance until all of this cometh to pass,
    Seas of salad shall drown thy expectation
    and mayonnaise your heart,
    until its weight shall drag thy spirit down into darkmoor,
    this dreadful place of stress and unfullfilled desires

  12. Are you still looking at applications? The thread is still stickied so I hope so. I’ve been clearing up my resume, but have been kind of shy to actually send it in…

  13. Hi, I want to join in the as a translator. I come here and want to know if you need any assistance about translation. If you see this comment, reply me please.
    E-mail:[email protected]

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