RT Chapter 64–65

Hey guys, here’s the final regular release of the week along with a sponsored chapter. This chapter was translated by Flowerbridgetoo and edited by me. I’d like to once again thank him for covering for me while I take care of my father in the hospital.

Among other things, I’d like to address the hate for Mad Snail due to his most recent actions. I believe it’s perfectly fine to abstain from reading this series because of his behavior and treatment to his readers. I also think it’s perfectly fine to criticize him for his recent and past actions.

However, please don’t spread misinformation. This series, unlike Tales of Demons and Gods and Cult of the Sacred Runes, wasn’t neglected, abandoned, or rushed by Mad Snail. I did my research before I started translating it, and I’ve gotten confirmation from people who’ve read it. It’s one of his few completed works as well as one of his best. Moreover, this is also to address and give assurance to those who’ve decided to read this series regardless of the controversy surrounding the author. Anyway, I hope this clears some things up, and enjoy the chapter!

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      1. Same I came here to ask if someone could link or explain what he is doing.
        Or is all the hate coming from the slow releases from 1 ch/day to 1ch/8+days?(or is this old news)

        1. If you also read TDG you should’ve felt that recently the story is getting kinda stale. Apparently this is due to the author getting bored. TDG raw is unfinished last time i read it, and by then he already started writing new series, and he tried to rush the ending of TDG. Other people who read the machine translation also feels the author is rushing things up with the sudden high frequency power up to the MC

    1. Looks like something only known by raw readers XD
      Thanks for telling, I read TDG but from what you’re telling its going to go downhill later 🙁

      I hate it when when some goods that you like getting worse and worsen, so when the makers make a new thing you refrain from buying it, afraid that it will be good only at the beginning only to worsen with time. I totally understand why Mad Snails’ readers criticise him, I will probably refrain myself from reading his next novels but thanks for informing that this is his completed work (also for translating it). I dread for when TDG reaches 1000+ chapters…

    2. I only know about what is happening in Tales of Demons and Gods, the series was fine, lots of world building and character building without feeling like the plot is being dragged. And then in the last 30 or something chapters in the raws, he went from 1-2 updates a day to 1 every week/2weeks/1ragnarok(end of the world) and the plot is being rushed like there is no tomorrow.

          1. fine are u kidding me keima should have picked tenri she waited for him did all he asked and did i mention wait for him 10 damm years how the hell is not chosing her an good ending iofjiejfudhvgdrr
            sorry got carried away still salty at the ending

  1. Mad Snail made an announcement that he ran into some copyright issues with TDG and once they are resolved he will continue the novel. I don’t know if what he said was true but that’s what he said anyway.

  2. Pretty sad to know that about Mad Snails. TDG is a good piece of work and RT looks really good too, but i must say that i’ll refrain myself from reading this author’s works from now on, unless it is a finished novel and someone tell me that it wasn’t rushed.

    Anyway, thank you for the chapter! I’ll keep reading RT, since you assured it was good till the end, so yeah!

    Also, if anyone wants to know about what is happening, read this thread (CKtalon’s comment, specially): https://forum.wuxiaworld.com/discussion/2799/conspiracy-about-mad-snail

  3. Is there mtl for this novel, I went to lnmtl and couldn’t find it, I read all translated chapters yesterday and I want to read more 😀 pls help. Btw even though I read mtl I still read here because its cleaner and easier to understand.

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