RT Chapter 62–63

Hello Wuxiaworld, LittleShanks here!

First off, I’d like to thank both Flowebridgetoo and Deathblade for giving me a shoutout before I joined.

You might have not expected it, but it took over a month long process for it to happen! All the while, my dear friend—former translator of Martial God Asura, Flowerbridgetoo—remained completely clueless! Surprise FBT, I am now part of Wuxiaworld! Didn’t see that coming, did you!?

However… it’s also a bittersweet welcome and definitely not the way I’d imagined. Unfortunately, the day I join Wuxiaworld is also the day my father fell ill. Turns out it wasn’t a bad flu and something more severe, so I’ll be in the hospital in the coming days, meaning I won’t be getting any translating done during that time. I’ll try my best to at least get out the regular chapters, but I’m not so sure about sponsored chapters.

For now, enjoy Chapter 62 and Chapter 63. There’ll be two more chapters coming before the week ends, courtesy of Flowerbridgetoo. I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to him for covering for me.

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  1. Welcome! Welcome! Don’t let the sharks scare you, muhahaha.
    Thanks for the chapters!
    And hope your father gets better soon!
    Those hospitals…there should be no reason for their existence! 🙁

  2. Welcome Shanks. I guessed you would appear here at some point. Anyway I wish your father everything well, and I know how it feels like.
    Anyway, toast for the bright future!

  3. You’ve been around for a while, so I can’t really say “welcome”, but welcome. Let me start off with: Asrua –> Asura. Shitton of WW readers came from LMS, korean VRMMO novel, so Rebirth Thief is a nice addition to cultivation and immortality. As a passionate gamer who likes eastern MMO grinding simulators (looking at you Black Desert) I always loved how relatable those novels are. Except AI and VR of course. Damn I have big hopes for that novel. It’s completed, so it won’t be almost dropped like TDG. Take your time with your dad, we have a lot of catching up anyway, so don’t worry and take even few weeks, family comes first.

    tl;dr: Good luck LittleShanks! Off to chapter 1.

      1. Nah, I afk fished for 2 months after launch and made quite some money so that I can buy enhanced gear instead of doing it myself. Grind came right after. 4 pets, sausans for one month straight…

  4. Sorry to hear about your father, but great to have you here I recently started reading this series thanks to Deathblades link and I really liked it has a very nice feel comparable to Royal Road in the pleasure you get while reading it while still staying fresh, PS that FBT is such a nice guy he is always saving the day for everyone =D

  5. It’s always nice to add a new translator and a new novel to this website. So here’s a very welcomed welcome to the site, Young Patriarch Xiao Shanks. Hope all is well with Patriach Shanks and he overcomes his tribulation sometime soon. Thank you for your future time and effort~

  6. welcome as a translator!
    though i feel like i’ve seen your name mentioned before….

    i hope your father gets well.
    i’ll read the existing chapters of this series while waiting for good news.

  7. Welcome to Wuxaiworld LittleShanks, but man is that convenient, I wanted to read RT since FBT and Deathblade recommended it but I was busy doing some other stuff. Now that it’s on WW I guess I don’t have an excuse now. Me asking the important question is it LittleShanks or Littleshanks…

    In all seriousness, I hope your father gets well soon and everything goes smoothly.

  8. Hey! Welcome, I started reading your work just recently and I’m thrilled that you moved over to wuxiaworld, it’s been collecting most of my favourite works over time 🙂
    Sorry about your Dad, that sucks, I hope everything goes well. Take all the personal time you need, we’ll wait patiently.

  9. Lil’ Shanks, I must raise to Ren’s attention that he got your username wrong. It’s obvious MicroscopicShanks. 😛

    All joking aside, I’m truly sorry to hear about your father. Your family will be in my prayers!

  10. Hi Littleshanks,

    I just registered on Wuxia World but I’ve started reading their stories for at least half a year. I actually started reading this story because I heard that FBT hinted he was going to work on this with you and my curiosity led to me looking for Rebirth Thief. I really enjoyed your translations and I’m incredibly sorry to hear that your father has fallen ill. I wish you and your family well and I truly pray a speedy recovery for your father. When a family member falls ill, it’s always important to remember that you need to be strong for them and for yourself. Take care and good luck to you all. We look forward to when you can share some good news with us.

  11. Hey I’m reading and just caught up within like 15 hours of reading haha I love the story so far.
    Quick question though is there a scheduled release day and chapters per week labeled somewhere I tried looking everywhere.

  12. Bonjour from Canada littleshanks. I know i’m late but welcome to Wuxia World we hope you have a nice time here. I also wanted to say I am sorry for your father falling terribly ill and best of luck that he will get better soon.

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