RMJI Moved to Wuxiaworld + Chapter 310 & 311

Hello everyone! RMJI has moved to Wuxiaworld! Thank you for sticking with me! I’ll do my best to translate more chapters for now on! As for why I moved, it was for the future (). From now on chapter releases will increase to seven a week if nothing unexpected occurs.

Without further ado,

Chapter 310

Chapter 311

These chapters were both edited by KoreanMist.

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    1. Welcome to wuxiaworld and the comment below me, WW it worked pretty good in my Ipad, but GT i’ve a problem in log in/sign up thingy there

    1. Ironically I had the exact opposite experience with my previous phone, WW worked just fine but gravity crashed all the time, with my new phone both work just fine.

    2. That sucks, my phone is the only issue with me. Usually ads aren’t an issue on tablet but on my phone, I get a redirect ad every minute when viewing on GT and WW.

    3. Wow, i thought ww is the most efficient xianxia web out there on mobile though. I’m using ucbrowser and enabled adblock, it’s pretty convenient since uc can save a page you’ve been loaded so i can just open the pages then turn off internet connection to save battery when i’m outside.
      Also ww has this thing with uc where when you read a chapter, the next chap’s page can be loaded immediately without having to wait. GT and other sites doesn’t work like that on uc.

  1. Welcome – A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality to WuxiaWorld.
    Welcome – Doubledd – Translator of A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality to WuxiaWorld.

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