A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality (凡人修仙传) – Index

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, Xianxia, Chinese
Author: Wang Yu (忘语)
Status: 2446 Chapters (Complete)
Translator: Doubledd


A poor and ordinary boy from a village joins a minor sect in Jiang Hu and becomes an Unofficial Disciple by chance. How will Han Li, a commoner by birth, establish a foothold for himself in in his sect? With his mediocre aptitude, he must successfully traverse the treacherous path of cultivation and avoid the notice of those who may do him harm. This is a story of an ordinary mortal who, against all odds, clashes with devilish demons and ancient celestials in order to find his own path towards immortality.

Extra Info: Ranked 1st out of the thousands of novels on Qidian by recommendations, “A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality” will draw readers in with an epic tale of deception, betrayal, and love.

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Magic Power in RMJI


Volume 1 - The Seven Mysteries Sect (1-99)
Chapter 1 – The Village by the Forest
Chapter 2 – Green Ox Town
Chapter 3 – Seven Mysteries Sect
Chapter 4 – Bone Refining Cliff
Chapter 5 – Doctor Mo
Chapter 6 – Nameless Oracular Formula
Chapter 7 – The Difficulties of Cultivating
Chapter 8 – Entering the Sect as a Disciple
Chapter 9 – Way of the Armored Elephant
Chapter 10 – Mysterious Bottle
Chapter 11 – Difficult to Open Bottle
Chapter 12 – Breaking the Bottle
Chapter 13 – Strange Phenomenons
Chapter 14 – Mysterious Liquid
Chapter 15 – Four Years Later
Chapter 16 – Little Abacus
Chapter 17 – Senior Disciple Li (1)
Chapter 18 – Senior Disciple Li (2)
Chapter 19 – Battle in Jiang Hu
Chapter 20 – Essence Extraction Pill
Chapter 21 – Painkilling Medicine
Chapter 22 – Qigong Deviation
Chapter 23 – Tests
Chapter 24 – A Panicked Decision
Chapter 25 – Interference of Success
Chapter 26 – Medicinal Student
Chapter 27 – Creating Legendary Elixirs
Chapter 28 – Doctor Mo Returns
Chapter 29 – Rising Conflict
Chapter 30 – A Hero’s Final Road
Chapter 31 – Insect Corpse Pill
Chapter 32 – Heroic Spirit
Chapter 33 – Private Exchange
Chapter 34 – Blinking Sword Art
Chapter 35 – Theft of Secret Manuals
Chapter 36 – Shocked
Chapter 37 – Three Restrictions for Cultivation
Chapter 38 – Encountering a Midnight Spy
Chapter 39 – Abnormal Requirements
Chapter 40 – Origin of the Secret Technique
Chapter 41 – Leaving a Message on a Night’s Departure
Chapter 42 – Cloudwing Bird
Chapter 43 – Fully Prepared
Chapter 44 – Antidote
Chapter 45 – Sneak Attack and Bared Teeth
Chapter 46 – Cleaving a Body with One Blow
Chapter 47 – Demonic Silver Hand vs Shifting Smoke Steps
Chapter 48 – Lies
Chapter 49 – Hidden Within Concealment
Chapter 50 – Aromatic Coiling Silk
Chapter 51 – Giant Man Displays his Might
Chapter 52 – Seven Ghost Devouring the Soul
Chapter 53 – Handsome Man
Chapter 54 – Soul-Lock Talisman
Chapter 55 – The Third Person
Chapter 56 – Battle of the Light Globes
Chapter 57 – Body Awakening, Enemy Perishing
Chapter 58 – Immortal Cultivator
Chapter 59 – The Three Big Inviolable Rules
Chapter 60 – Poison Test
Chapter 61 – Destroying the Spirit
Chapter 62 – Deal
Chapter 63 – True Appearance
Chapter 64 – Crooked Soul
Chapter 65 – Medicinal God Han Li
Chapter 66 – Eccentric Rule
Chapter 67 – Fireball Technique
Chapter 68 – Poisoned
Chapter 69 – Li Feiyu and the Young Lady
Chapter 70 – Instigation
Chapter 71 – Pure Spirit Powder
Chapter 72 – Removing Poison
Chapter 73 – Li Feiyu’s Thoughts
Chapter 74 – Imperial Flight Technique
Chapter 75 – Using Magic Techniques
Chapter 76 – Negotiations and Eruptions
Chapter 77 – Countermeasure
Chapter 78 – Forest Massacre
Chapter 79 – Questioning
Chapter 80 – Encountering the Enemy
Chapter 81 – Jia Tianlong
Chapter 82 – Monk Golden Light
Chapter 83 – A Huge Pitfall
Chapter 84 – A Tremendous Battle
Chapter 85 – Bloody Battle, Death Contract
Chapter 86 – A Sudden Change
Chapter 87 – Prominent Skill
Chapter 88 – Golden Light Barrier
Chapter 89 – Spear and Shield
Chapter 90 – Flying Sword?
Chapter 91 – Stealing Treasure
Chapter 92 – Sword Talisman
Chapter 93 – Raging Flames Burning the Enemy
Chapter 94 – Complete Victory
Chapter 95 – Demonic Name Resounding Famously
Chapter 96 – Flaw
Chapter 97 – Backhand Transaction
Chapter 98 – Return to the Village
Chapter 99 – Departure

Volume 2 - The First Steps on the Path of Cultivation (100-171)
Chapter 100 – Jia Yuan City
Chapter 101 – Troubles Brought Upon by Riches
Chapter 102 – Murder on Arrival
Chapter 103 – Subdue
Chapter 104 – Information
Chapter 105 – Shocking News
Chapter 106 – Blue-Clothed Man
Chapter 107 – Mo Yuzhu
Chapter 108 – Entering the Mo Estate at Night
Chapter 109 – A Visit
Chapter 110 – Fox
Chapter 111 – Beautiful Woman
Chapter 112 – Hidden Message
Chapter 113 – Winding Fragrance Pill
Chapter 114 – Yan Ge’s Infatuation
Chapter 115 – A Startling Change
Chapter 116 – Falling Out
Chapter 117 – Reconciliation
Chapter 118 – Choose One
Chapter 119 – Unexpected Information
Chapter 120 – Scheming to Seize a Gang
Chapter 121 – Clear River Brothel
Chapter 122 – Kill by Poison
Chapter 123 – Business Deal
Chapter 124 – Fengwu
Chapter 125 – Plans
Chapter 126 – Great South Mountain, Great South Valley, and a Youth
Chapter 127 – Knowledge on Spiritual Roots
Chapter 128 – Great South Small Meeting
Chapter 129 – Daoist Master Qingyan
Chapter 130 – Becoming a Member
Chapter 131 – Spirit Stones and Spirit Talisman
Chapter 132 – The Harvest
Chapter 133 – Thieving Skills
Chapter 134 – Great Immortal Ascension Assembly
Chapter 135 – Frightening News
Chapter 136 – Yan Clan
Chapter 137 – Golden Sincerity Brush
Chapter 138 – The Skill of Creating Talismans
Chapter 139 – Destroyed Magic Treasure Fragment
Chapter 140 – Determination to Win
Chapter 141 – Writ of Immortal Ascension
Chapter 142 – Attack to Kill
Chapter 143 – Beheading
Chapter 144 – Dispute over a Foundation Establishment Pill
Chapter 145 – The Unexpected Guest
Chapter 146 – Closing a Deal
Chapter 147 – The Particulars Within The Valley
Chapter 148 – Old Man in Gray
Chapter 149 – Chores
Chapter 150 – Reluctant Consent
Chapter 151 – Hundred Medicine Garden
Chapter 152 – Two Years Later
Chapter 153 – Yue Lu Hall
Chapter 154 – Elder Xu and the Scripture Storage
Chapter 155 – Depression
Chapter 156 – Earth Lung Fire
Chapter 157 – Murong Brothers
Chapter 158 – Blue-clothed Woman
Chapter 159 – Spiritual Medicines of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 160 – Forbidden Trial by Blood and Fire
Chapter 161 – Market City
Chapter 162 – Ten Thousand Treasures Store
Chapter 163 – Brocade Treasure Box
Chapter 164 – The Secret of the Treasure Talisman
Chapter 165 – Night Encounter
Chapter 166 – Savage
Chapter 167 – Fierce Battle (1)
Chapter 168 – Fierce Battle (2)
Chapter 169 – Fierce Battle (3)
Chapter 170 – Spoils of the Battle
Chapter 171 – Return

Volume 3 - Invasion of the Demonic Dao (172-363)
Chapter 172 – Choice
Chapter 173 – The Gathering
Chapter 174 – Martial Ancestor Li
Chapter 175 – Clear Void Sect
Chapter 176 – Making a Bet
Chapter 177 – Righteous and Evil of the Cultivation World
Chapter 178 – Masked Moon Sect
Chapter 179 – Breaking the Barrier
Chapter 180 – Black Dragon Pond
Chapter 181 – A Fight to the Death and Rainbow Moths
Chapter 182 – A Young Woman and Thread
Chapter 183 – Harmonic Spiritual Talisman
Chapter 184 – Might of the Golden Light Brick
Chapter 185 – The Strong
Chapter 186 – Making a Move
Chapter 187 – Yellow Freckled “Feng Yue”
Chapter 188 – A Bad Reputation
Chapter 189 – Extermination By Lightning
Chapter 190 – Black Boots
Chapter 191 – Disloyalty and Solitude
Chapter 192 – Flying Snakes
Chapter 193 – Division Between Enemy and Friends
Chapter 194 – The Secret Information of the Central Area
Chapter 195 – The Strength of the “Precious Moon Sun Pearl”
Chapter 196 – Han Li’s Plan
Chapter 197 – Demonic Beast – Giant Centipede
Chapter 198 – Conflict
Chapter 199 – Brother and Sister Chen
Chapter 200 – Young Woman and Young Woman
Chapter 201 – Martial Idiot
Chapter 202 – Silence
Chapter 203 – Worry-free Needle and Forgetful Dust Pill
Chapter 204 – The Stone Temple and the Underground Passageway
Chapter 205 – Watching the battle
Chapter 206 – Accident
Chapter 207 – Slaughtering a Flood Dragon and Victory Spoils
Chapter 208 – Joyous Meeting
Chapter 209 – Return
Chapter 210 – The Gamble
Chapter 211 – The Winner
Chapter 212 – A Sudden Understanding
Chapter 213 – Preparation
Chapter 214 – Earth Fire Room
Chapter 215 – Refining Pills and Foundation Establishment
Chapter 216 – Medicinal Power
Chapter 217 – Sword Art
Chapter 218 – Pros and Cons
Chapter 219 – Discussions
Chapter 220 – Spirit Well Spring
Chapter 222 – Tool-Refining Expert
Chapter 223 – Secret Store, Auction
Chapter 224 – Mechanical Puppet Beasts
Chapter 225 – Iron Essence, Spiritual Medicines
Chapter 226 – Five Elements Reversal Formation
Chapter 227 – Making Friends
Chapter 228 – Puppet Cultivator
Chapter 229 – Huge Tiger
Chapter 230 – Trap
Chapter 231 – Disaster Knocking on the Door
Chapter 232 – Great Development Technique
Chapter 233 – Lei Wanhe
Chapter 234 – Restrictions and Spiritual Medicine
Chapter 235 – Han Li’s Intentions
Chapter 236 – Ancient Formula
Chapter 237 – Paying Respects
Chapter 238 – Yu Kun’s Fearsomeness
Chapter 239 – Choice
Chapter 240 – Pages of a Book
Chapter 241 – Three Essence Revolutions Technique
Chapter 242 – Making Talismans
Chapter 243 – Medical Efficacy
Chapter 244 – Pair Cultivation
Chapter 245 – A Long Journey and Mishaps
Chapter 246 – Dong Xuan’er
Chapter 247 – Yan Siblings
Chapter 248 – Rivals
Chapter 249 – Competition
Chapter 250 – Meeting an Old Friend
Chapter 251 – Destruction
Chapter 252 – Separation
Chapter 253 – Ghost Spirit Sect
Chapter 254 – Yan Clan Ancestor
Chapter 255 – Secret Meeting
Chapter 256 – Conspiracy
Chapter 257 – Blood Sacrifices and a Glamorous Male
Chapter 258 – Bewitchment
Chapter 259 – Movement of the Wind
Chapter 260 – Trap
Chapter 261 – Great Blood Spirit Arts
Chapter 262 – Escape
Chapter 263 – True Strength
Chapter 264 – Mechanical Puppets and the Great Development Technique
Chapter 265 – War Situation
Chapter 266 – Fierce Battle
Chapter 267 – Flaunting the Power of Devil Fire
Chapter 268 – White Spider
Chapter 269 – Blood Red
Chapter 270 – Beheading
Chapter 271 – The Greater Displacement Medallion and an Ancient Transportation Formation |
Chapter 272 – One Year
Chapter 273 – A Timely Encounter
Chapter 274 – Appointment
Chapter 275 – Fragrant Tea
Chapter 276 – Taking Action
Chapter 277 – Xin Ruyin
Chapter 278 – Half-Year Appointment
Chapter 279 – The Great Wealthy Qin Residence
Chapter 280 – Interview
Chapter 281 – The Qin Residence and Young Madam Biao
Chapter 282 – Transformation
Chapter 283 – Old Affections
Chapter 284 – Whispered Discussion
Chapter 285 – Disregard and Rumors
Chapter 286 – Prince’s Residence
Chapter 287 – Immortal Master
Chapter 288 – Enchanting Confrontation
Chapter 289 – Immortal’s Technique
Chapter 290 – Young Prince
Chapter 291 – Xiao Clan
Chapter 292 – The Powerful
Chapter 293 – Infiltration
Chapter 294 – Flame Handling Arts
Chapter 295 – Keeping an Appointment
Chapter 296 – Formal Apprenticeship
Chapter 297 – The Breaking of Bad News
Chapter 298 – Captured Alive
Chapter 299 – Harboring Thoughts
Chapter 300 – Blood Curse
Chapter 301 – Poison Expulsion and Breaking Incantations
Chapter 302 – Countermeasures
Chapter 303 – Astonishment
Chapter 304 – Internal Decisions
Chapter 305 – Last Resort
Chapter 306 – Crisis
Chapter 307 – Blood Servant
Chapter 308 – A Display of Skill
Chapter 309 – Demonic Transformation
Chapter 310 – Royal Family
Chapter 311 – Secrets of Blood Sacrifice
Chapter 312 – Reinforcements and Peace
Chapter 313 – Decision
Chapter 314 – Meeting Together
Chapter 315 – Preparations for the Unexpected and Suspicion
Chapter 316 – Disappearance
Chapter 317 – Four Symbols Formation
Chapter 318 – Qing Wen’s Reappearance
Chapter 319 – The Four Great Blood Servants
Chapter 320: Broken Cocoon 
Chapter 321: Unseen Battle 
Chapter 322: Liu Jing’s “True Seal”
Chapter 323: Demon Execution
Chapter 324: The Black Fiend School Master 
Chapter 325: Peculiarity
Chapter 326: Blood Spirit Drill
Chapter 327: Entering the Formation
Chapter 328: Black Blood Saber
Chapter 329: Exterminating the Enemy
Chapter 330: Fiend Core
Chapter 331 : Orders
Chapter 332: A Once Familiar Place
Chapter 333: Gang Leader Sun
Chapter 334: A Strange Change
Chapter 335: Astonishment
Chapter 336: Yingzhu
Chapter 337: A Concealed Expert, Crooked Soul 
Chapter 338: A Forced Confession 
Chapter 339: Astonishment 
Chapter 340: A Trap
Chapter 341: A Difficult Situation
Chapter 342: Bewilderment
Chapter 343: Brilliant Green Dagger
Chapter 344: Exterminating a Demon in a Formation
Chapter 345: A Small Old Man and Bell Tolls
Chapter 346: Venerable Ancestor Ling Hu
Chapter 347: Evacuation
Chapter 348: Heavenfire Technique
Chapter 349: Fleeing to Yuanwu
Chapter 350: Instant Kill
Chapter 351: Qi Yunxiao’s Death
Chapter 352: Promise
Chapter 353: The Stardust Pavilion
Chapter 354: Madam Lan
Chapter 355: Redthread Shadowchaser Needles
Chapter 356: Disaster and Fortune Come Hand in Hand
Chapter 357: White Pond Mountain
Chapter 358: The Endless Sea, The Moulan
Chapter 359: A Surprising Encounter with an Acquaintance
Chapter 360: Halfway to Calamity
Chapter 361: Mishap
Chapter 362: Nangong Bing
Chapter 363: Transfer

Volume 4 - Across the Endless Sea (364-)
Chapter 364: An Isolated Island and a Huge Ship
Chapter 365: Wang Changqing
Chapter 366: Master Gu’s Business
Chapter 367: Settling Down with a Guarantor
Chapter 368: Farmstead
Chapter 369: Challenge (1)
Chapter 370: Challenge (2)
Chapter 371: Immortal Records Pavilion
Chapter 372: Minor Expanse Island
Chapter 373: External Reincarnation
Chapter 374: Cultivation is Timeless
Chapter 375: A Pair of Beauties
Chapter 376: Spirit Snow Water and Liquid Heavenfire
Chapter 377: Pill Formulas and Demon Cores
Chapter 378: Going out to Sea (1)
Chapter 379: Going out to Sea (2)
Chapter 380: Infant Carp Beast
Chapter 381: Rare Treasures Conquer the Demon
Chapter 382: Wu Chou
Chapter 383: Fighting Against Core Formation
Chapter 384
Chapter 385: Sea Ape Island
Chapter 386
Chapter 387: Gold Devouring Beetles
Chapter 388: Crooked Soul’s Devilish Might
Chapter 389: Heavenly Star City and the Star Palace
Chapter 390: Huge City
Chapter 391: A New Home
Chapter 392: Raising Bugs
Chapter 393: Deep Jade Island
Chapter 394: Cultivators and Demon Beasts on a Small Island
Chapter 395: Rainbow Skirt Grass
Chapter 396: Hunting Demon Beasts for Cores
Chapter 397: Bitter, Secluded Cultivation
Chapter 398: Core Formation and Magic Treasures
Chapter 399: Exquisite Sound Sect
Chapter 400: Dignified
Chapter 401: Heaven Lightning Bamboo
Chapter 402: Envoys of the Left and Right
Chapter 403: Eccentric Scarletflame
Chapter 404: A Deceptive Situation
Chapter 405: Greater Possession Technique
Chapter 406: Heavenwide Corpsefire
Chapter 407: Betrayal
Chapter 408: Demon Corpse
Chapter 409: True Appearance
Chapter 410: Elder
Chapter 411: Cultivating Bamboo
Chapter 412: Small Green Bamboo Pavilion
Chapter 413: Refinement
Chapter 414: Shaping
Chapter 415: Inside a Pearl
Chapter 416: Sand Mountain
Chapter 417: Using One Formation to Break Another
Chapter 418: Breaking Through the Formation
Chapter 419: Desolate Antiquity
Chapter 420: The Might of the Gold Devouring Beetles
Chapter 421: Spirit Sealing Pillar
Chapter 422: Sevenglow Lotus
Chapter 423: Extreme Poison
Chapter 424: Demon Serpent
Chapter 425: Congealed Yang Birds
Chapter 426: Treachery
Chapter 427: Profound Soul Demonificaiton
Chapter 428: Xiao Cha
Chapter 429: Ruined Map Reconstruction
Chapter 430: Wen Siyue
Chapter 431: Heavenvoid Hall
Chapter 432: Grandmaster Zenith Yin
Chapter 433: Ninecurl Spirit Ginseng
Chapter 434: Gathering
Chapter 435: The Heavenvoid Cauldron and the Heavenmend Pill
Chapter 436: Another Encounter with Fairy Violet Spirit
Chapter 437: Weeping Soul Beast
Chapter 438: Remains in the Ghost Fog
Chapter 439: Ghost King (1)
Chapter 440: Ghost King (2)
Chapter 441: Ghost King (3)
Chapter 442: Ghost King(4)
Chapter 443: Ghost King (5)
Chapter 444: Black Robes
Chapter 445: Yuan Yao
Chapter 446: Regrouping
Chapter 447: Different World
Chapter 448: Small Mountain
Chapter 449: Ruse
Chapter 450: Revealing One’s True Nature


21 thoughts on “A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality (凡人修仙传) – Index” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. To everyone that is going to check this light novel out, this light novel is the best I have read so far. Story line is fantastic. The MC is very welled charactered. You guys should take sometime to read this. I have read the whole light novel which consist of 2400+ chapters and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU TO READ IT.

  2. chapter 99. I think I can say with absolute certainty. This novel should only be read if you are looking for novels that are the same as Martial world and the like while waiting for them to update. It is basically no different than background noise and you will find yourself skipping entire paragraphs without missing anything at all. I’d give it 4 out of 10. Sub-par but readable.

    1. Yes, the beginning is definitely a rough start. But when the first battle start, it become good. The problem is that this novel doesn’t give us an attachment to any characters beside MC, because they just feel like passer by. Nobody has significant role in here beside the MC.

      At early chapters, it’s okay because MC still young. But after 60 years or something pass…. it become a problem. Because people who haven’t high level of cultivation become older, and all MC love interests become pointless.

      Plus, the MC just care about cultivation, he doesn’t care about any attachment to other characters. So at the end, you will only see him doing meditating, learning new techniques, fighting somebody for materials, meditating again, time pass until 20 years… meet new pointless characters, fight, harvesting material / new weapon / etc, meditating again, time pass again, so on, so on and so on. It feel like reading a very powerful shut-in daily life.

      But the first three volumes are actually good…. At least, until the MC choose to run away and become a shut in.

  3. Hello, foreign friends. I am from China, is the faithful fan of this book, I want to say to you that this book in the hearts of many people is definitely the first of its kind, irreplaceable. The front part is boring, but to the back will be very exciting, you will want to see more and more. I really like the role of Han li, he taught me a lot of things. I hope you can keep reading this book. (emmmm … these are my translation software translation, the language unreasonable please forgive, -.- on the 《凡人修仙传》 tribute)

  4. To be honest i’ve let go of this book a long while ago and was around 180+ and the whole time the MC is like a normal character like nothing noticeable about him.
    Normally in wuxia books there tends to be tragedies surrounding the MC and or they find a heaven defying chance or follow a path who no others follow and blah blah blah… the cliche stuff
    so I guess this book seems a bit unique in that trait, but still it’s seems a bit… dull i mean the character’s personality and so far what iv’e read he really seams like a normal cultivator a… backstory character.
    Of course this is so far what iv’e read you never know it may get interesting later on however i lack the patience to wait for the story plot to pick up so yeah i’m dropping it here.

  5. I actually quite like this story, it’s somewhat slow but it’s quite realistic on my opinion, not like all cultivators have to be heaven’s favored or gain something that will give them an edge, it’s strange how most characters gain a heaven defying item are reincarnated with their memories or have a hidden bloodline, not like it’s not fun but sometimes you need a more plain novel about how a nameless grows and has to be crafty enough in a world where most could crush him or take from him if he takes a wrong step and his actions do leave consequences and while resources are limited, it feels less like it all revolves around plot-armor and more around preparations.
    Can’t say it’s for everyone but it has the potential as a novel, still hoarding chapters though since events take up quite a bit.

  6. i see many of you guys thought it’s wuxia kongfu style novel at first, it is not. it seems boring at first because the translation and culture difference, but worth going deeper. it’s a whole new world compare to western novels you can ever imagine.

  7. As For me this novel is one of the TOP 5 novels that i have read , along with IISTH, A Will Eternal,The Avalon Of Five Elements and Desolate Era….. it was one of my best even if it seems that there’s a lot who doesn’t like slow pace and boring MCs, for me it’s the best because it’s more REALISTIC, MC doesn’t have heaven defying bloodlines like parents, ancestral , sect, history/background , equipment ,LUCK , REAL teacher/master (so far all master/teacher that wants him had plot ulterior motives lol) and most important of all APTITUDE… he doesn’t learn things “fast/fastest” like those Genius MCs , actually he’s the opposite he’s VERY slow/ordinary that’s why he needs to pick skills wisely because he can only learn FEW things , he also cultivate SLOW lol he’s not jumping any cultivation levels and he even reset his cultivation NOT just once just to improve his chance of breaking through his cultivation…. one of the BEST in this novel is that the VILLAINS are not those dumb shitheads on most of the novels that just like wanted to get slapped and die miserably, the villains here are VERY WISE and not like those over arrogant villains that always look down on MCs, the villains seems to always give their all just to kill Han Li… that’s why i Love this novel because of this examples, maybe i’m just getting affected by it because in real life i’m even below ordinary/average that just dream that somehow once i die i’ll get reincarnated on a world of immortal cultivation and experience the extreme pain,felicity and roller coaster of emotions LOL…
    As for now i’ll stop at chapter 475 because there’s a VERY BIG problem on this novel, the translation time is like the MCs cultivation, VERY SLOW -.- waited 3 months to accumulate chapters but it only added like 30-35, it’s a good novel but the pace is just VERY SLOW -.- it shows that the novel is completed already in raw at chapter 2446…. i really want to read it completely but there’s no other translator doing this other than “Machine Translation” , maybe i’ll be back after years to read this good novel, i hope i’m still alive before it finished translating if not dropped lol see yah~~~~~~~

    1. Thank you soooooo much to comment about RMJI. RMJI is my first Chinese fantasy novel and it intrigued me to the world of wuxia. I’m so glad that my childhood is full of novels like this but again this is always my favorite ( and thank god I’m Chinese!!!). I learned a lot from this book and the way Han Li lived his life really shaped my own personality. Han Li is always calm and rational whenever confronting any dangerous situation, and actually he becomes shrewd, cunning and even deceptive when facing the real life-threatening crisis. I love him and every character in this book.

      Hope one day I can join the translation team: )

  8. Before starting this series, I read the comment section six months ago. Which made this series sound like potato(not good). So. . . I didn’t start reading this until a few days ago. Anyway, I’m really glad I decided to binge read this. It’s VERY good. The first 96 chapters are like a prologue (MC growing up- tragedy rip). Hence why a lot of comments say he’s more like a side character (Not true, the story just builds up – hence over 2,400 chapters) I’m assuming the authors style is he didn’t want to have an insanely OP MC. So he created a mediocre MC who basically grinds constantly (without the help of the LUCK god happening 24/7). Anyway, I suggest this LN to anyone who wants to enjoy a really well written novel (with a cup of coffee of course). :3 Good backstory, character development is immense, side character personality’s are above average. Basically all around addicting plot (at least to me).

    1. Oh and the MC has a very unique romance plot. It’s very down to earth in that sense so you won’t be disappointing. (He’s not a player, but he’s not shy either- just realistic with himself)

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