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  1. Yes it does look good, it looks freaking amazing.

    From what i’ve read from rumours Release date is Fall 2019, But that seems a little to far away for it to be true, So i guess end of this year Or mid 2018.

  2. i registered just to comment. the clip is from the trial arc and its soooo awesome! will be looking forward to seeing it soon 🙂 and with subtitles i hope hahah

  3. I bet the arc after being set back in cultivation by 10 years will piss off many viewers of the anime lol. It’ll be like 10 year filler episodes to catch back up. Even reading it made me go “seriously..”

    1. It didn’t upset me too much, because his cultivation barely started to begin with. I mean foundation establishment. Basically he got to lvl2 in 300 chapters.

      1. This is why I’m dropping the novel if he has to re-cultivate step by step… I have zero desire to read 100+ chapters just to get BACK to foundation establishment.

        This arc’s ending was so bad that I kinda hate the whole novel now.

    damn! i didn’t expect it to be so good.
    rmji is one of my favourite novels and this animation is brings life to one of the best scenes in the story.
    great work!
    i wish they would make a game of this.
    for pc.

  5. And here i am, wondering why only tdg animation is shitty and the rest is awesome :'(

    Anyway, thanks for the announcement and thanks for the chapters!

  6. That was some of the best CGI i’ve seen and it was for something this awesome. On point, doesn’t do it justice. Neither does great, super, amazing. It had everything!

  7. Hahaha I think that Han Li trying to hide and run away is the best part, cause it seems they are going to make his personality similar to the novel.

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