RMJI Chapter 459 + 460

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Chapter 459

Chapter 460

Edited by Barbant

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  1. Can you enlist help please? Going a week with no word and then uploading chapters at random intervals isn’t ideal. While we appreciate the hard work and understand you are busy with RL, so is almost every other TL and many of them enlist help translating/editing, especially if we’re promised a chapter a day per Patreon. Have you been tracking how many chapters behind you are as well and can you update us on how many are owed? If you’re not being paid for this, it’s one thing to upload at your leisure but entirely different when $ is involved.

    I don’t mean to come off as snobbish but when you accept money from people for a service, that speaks to your character when you don’t deliver promised services in a timely manner.

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