2 thoughts on “RMJI Chapter 371” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Hey just curious since you have likely read ahead in the Raws…. does Han Li have to re-cultivate step by step, or does he heal his cultivation back to mid foundation establishment? Please answer this question even if you must provide some kind of spoilers!

    I plan on dropping the novel if he has to re-cultivate step by step. I have no desire to see a small fry turn into an even smaller fry and spend another 100+ chapters just trying to get back to foundation establishment.

    1. I’d think twice about dropping this masterpiece. Its the most well written out of everthing here in wuxia so theres probably gonna be a good show nonetheless. Oh and also RMJI has always been one of the best ranking within china. Theres got to be a reason for that.

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