RETURN of the Skyfire Avenue Releases! – Chapter 144

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Sorry for the wait guys. Finally my machine has been returned to working order, so translations can now continue. We return from where we left of, with Lan Jue in dire straits as the Fantascia Genetica decoction runs through his veins. Suddenly commanding the power of a Paragon, how will his body react? Can he control the power of a god?

Welcome Season 2 of Skyfire Avenue with Chapter 144: Phylactery Stone!

P.S. I know many of you donated while I was getting my stuff back in order, and I’d like to thank you all very much for your continued patronage. I’ll update the translation queue as soon as I can, and you’ll all most definitely get your money’s worth. Especially considering what’s coming in the later chapters!

Xiao Lai

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