Return of the Queue, Jan 2, 2016 – Desolate Era

Hey guys, this is the first of four announcements I have to make in the next few days. This is the first one – the queue is back! Effective Saturday, January 2, I will begin focusing on Desolate Era in the same manner as I previously did CD. I’m feeling much better and rested, and after two more weeks of rest, I’ll be right as rain.  Donations, however, open now!  As with in the past, donations cannot be made directly to me; the only way to contribute will be to donate to the OTHER translators at WW, then forward me the confirmation email!  Donations holding, I will translate 2 chapters a day (or maybe, for the first month, go back to my old ‘berzerk mode’ of 3 a day).

I know a lot of you are wondering why I am making DE my main novel going forward, and there are a few reasons; 1) I’m very familiar with IET’s writing style now and can do it very well without tremendous effort, 2) IEWatermelon’s hiatus and IRL issues appear to be indefinite, and I don’t want any translation to go long-term inactive (IEW has no problems whatsoever with this, FYI), 3) I’ve already been helping out a bit with DE for months now, even before the move, so I feel a bit of ownership over it, and 4) I haven’t read DE myself, making translating it particularly fun and exciting for me.

Much like in the past, the only way to contribute to the Desolate Era queue will be to donate to the OTHER translators here at Wuxiaworld, then forward me the confirmation email to rwxwuxiaworld(a) Although I will only begin clearing the queue on January 2nd, you can begin forwarding your donations to me today, and I will ‘pre-build’ the queue so we can get off to a rousing start with the new year!

For those of you who haven’t been following Desolate Era, thus far, I feel it’s a very good work by IEatTomatoes; in many ways, in these chapters at least, IET’s learned from some of his previous mistakes.  Desolate Era follows the story of Ji Ning, a boy from our world, Earth, who was to be reincarnated into the Heaven Realm due to having accumulated tremendous good karma.  During the reincarnation process, however, the netherworld region known as the Six Paths of Reincarnation was attacked by Calamity Dragons, and Ning was able to escape back into a mortal world, WITH his memories, as the attack disrupted the normal memory-wiping part of reincarnation.  Ning was reborn into the world of the Xia Empire, into the territory of the Ji clan, a small local tribe that was powerful in their own little backwater region.  There is where Ning’s rise to power comes; there are Fiendgod Body Refiners and Ki Refiners, and we will follow his rise in power from a scrub to a Xiantian lifeform to a Zifu Disciple to a Wanxiang Adept to a Primal Daoist to an Earth Immortal to a Celestial Immortal, and beyond.

One of the strengths of this novel is that IET actually draws quite heavily from historical Chinese myths and fantasies in building this story; figures like Cui Jue, the Lord of Cui Palace, Mother Nuwa, the Fiendgod Pangu, the Yamas of the Ten Halls, Grandma Meng…these are all actual real-life mythical Chinese figures with tremendously rich backstories that will get woven in.

It’s been genuinely fun translating DE, and I encourage you all to give it a try.  It’s very good!  Desolate Era has ~1300-1400 chapters, spread across 45 books; in total character count, it is roughly 30% longer than CD.

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  1. hey Ren, this is my first comment on wuxia world. been lurking for a month. I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work. us leechers really appreciate it 🙂
    and desolate era is one of my favourite novels. just please dont overwork yourself, health is most important. and is there anyway to bring swallowed star here too? i really love that WN but the translation speed is too low and i have been spoiled by WW too much lol

  2. hey just read through the translated chapters of de in about 2 days. it has officially become one of my favorites along with tdg. gonna reread de once the move on to cd or atg.

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