Renegade Chapter 370

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Chapter 370 – Mutual Destruction

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor let out a roar. With a few steps, he walked out of the rift and chased after Sun Tai.

In the northern part of the Suzaku continent, one could see two rays of light flying across the sky.

While Sun Tai ran, his face was gloomy and he cursed. “You really think I’m scared of you?!” His right hand drew a seal and he pressed it on Wang Lin’s forehead. Then he threw Wang Lin’s body into the dense forest below.

The moment Wang Lin landed, he struggled to open his eyes and then sat down in the lotus position. He began to cultivate to counter the middle-aged man’s domain and Sun Tai’s seal.

He was awake now and knew that Sun Tai didn’t have any good intentions. To Sun Tai, coming to save Wang Lin was better than dying.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor chased after them. With a wave of his giant axe, he sent out a wave of axe energy. With a bang, the space before Sun Tai exploded, creating countless small rifts.

Sun Tai cursed. He pointed to the air and three rays of green light flew out. The three rays of light turned into three corpses that charged toward the Giant Demon Clan ancestor.

Sun Tai shouted, “Explode for me!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Heaven-splitting explosions occurred in the sky. The powerful force from the explosions pushed the Giant Demon Clan ancestor back several dozen feet.

Sun Tai’s expression was furious as he charged forward. At the same time, his right hand turned into a giant palm that pressed down upon the Giant Demon Clan ancestor.

The ancestor was every gloomy. He was only at the early stage of Soul Transformation. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had a powerful body and his bloodline’s power, he wouldn’t dare to steal from a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator. However, Wang Lin was too important to his Giant Demon Clan, so he could only fight.

The giant palm contained power far beyond spiritual energy. Soul Transformation cultivators didn’t use spiritual energy from the heavens and earth; they needed celestial spiritual energy to increase their cultivation level.

Therefore, their attacks would naturally contain some celestial spiritual energy hidden within.

Before, when the middle-aged man and the ancestor attacked Wang Lin, they didn’t use any celestial spiritual energy. After all, celestial spiritual energy couldn’t be recovered unless they had celestial jade, so they wouldn’t carelessly use it.

Celestial jades were very difficult to get hold of.

This was the reason why there weren’t many Soul Transformation cultivators and why there were so few life and death battles between the ones that were around.

Generally speaking, Soul Transformation cultivators don’t casually use celestial spiritual energy, but when they do, their power is terrifying.

Using celestial spiritual energy was something unique to cultivators at the Soul Transformation stage and above. It was the same with domains for Soul Transformation cultivators and above. This was a change in quality of one’s power.

Although, this palm from Sun Tai was just a simple palm without any powerful techniques behind it. If it was a normal attack, it wouldn’t be much, but because it contained a bit of celestial spiritual energy, its power was immense.

Even if it were just a simple fire ball technique, if it contained a bit of spiritual energy, it would be a dangerous move. The celestial spiritual energy caused the Giant Demon Clan ancestor to be shocked.

His eyes lit up and a bit of celestial spiritual energy entered his right hand. He swung down his axe to meet the palm.


After a loud explosion, the ground shattered and rainbow-colored light filled the sky as a shock wave spread out.

Half of a huge nearby mountain collapsed into dust.

This shockwave came quickly and disappeared just as quick, so it didn’t spread too far. After all, neither of them used much celestial spiritual energy.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s body trembled as blood came seeping out from the corner of his mouth. He was furious, but he didn’t charge at Sun Tai. Instead, he charged toward the forest that was collapsing.

“I am a mid stage Soul Transformation cultivator. I don’t believe I can’t kill you! Once I kill you, I’m sure I can get a good price for the corpse of a Giant Demon Clan member!” Sun Tai snorted as he charged forward and raised his hand in the air. He shouted, “Thunder!”

With a bang, a ray of black lightning appeared in the sky and descended.

Sun Tai shouted, “My thunder domain was obtained after I paid a heavy price to cultivate at the Heavenly Thunder planet for 100 years. You’re merely a branch member of the Giant Demon Clan. Die for me!”

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s expression darkened when he saw the black lightning. He let out a roar, causing his body to grow 30 feet taller, and punched the descending lightning.


Another loud boom. The lightning traveled through the ancestor’s body, causing his face to become pale. More blood seeped out the corners of his mouth as he stared at Sun Tai.

At this moment, the middle-aged man from Xue Yue quietly teleported next to where Wang Lin was cultivating. He let out a cruel smile as he raised his hand to kill Wang Lin.

Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes and revealed a vicious gaze. He had just tried to recover earlier but found that this person’s tea domain and the seal from Sun Tai together had formed a powerful seal. As a result, he couldn’t recover any spiritual energy at all. Even when he took pills, the moment the pills dissolved, the spiritual energy would be absorbed by the seals.

The amount of spiritual energy he currently had was less than what a Foundation Establishment cultivator had; it was only at about the level of a 3rd layer Qi Condensation cultivator, and it was constantly draining. Once all of the spiritual energy was drained from his body, he would be like a mortal and could be killed easily by a mortal martial artist.

His origin soul was extremely weak and could collapse at any time, so he couldn’t even leave his body. This was the most serious injury he had ever suffered in his life besides the one time he lost his body.

The middle-aged man’s eyes lit up and he pressed down with his right hand.

But just he did so, a ray of black lightning suddenly descended from the sky. The middle-aged man’s expression suddenly changed as he quickly used all of his power to escape. However, the lightning seemed to have grown eyes and chased after him.

In the blink of an eye, the lightning and the middle-aged man disappeared over the horizon.

“Hmph, you dare to try sneak by me!” Sun Tai sneered and formed a seal with his hands. He decided to scare away the Giant Demon Clan ancestor before settling down to deal with Wang Lin.

He had already decided that he would completely seal Wang Lin this time to prevent his origin soul from being destroyed.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s eyes revealed a mysterious light. He looked at Sun Tai and said, “I’ll take this person away and return him in seven days!”

Sun Tai said, without any hesitation, “Not possible!” How could he let this person take Wang Lin away? It would be like putting his origin soul in the hands of someone else.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor pondered a bit and then said, “It was you who forced me. This is the first time I have used by bloodline’s power since reaching the Soul Transformation stage. Take my attack!”

After he finished speaking, he took a deep breath and the veins on his head popped out like he was enduring massive amounts of pain. Soon, a giant vortex appeared behind him.

Black light was being emitted by the vortex as it slowly spun. A mysterious force was spreading out from it.

Sun Tai’s expression changed. Just at this moment, the Giant Demon Clan ancestor shouted, “Turn!”

The vortex behind him suddenly began to spin rapidly and a powerful suction force appeared. However, this suction force had no effect on the surroundings; it only effected Sun Tai.

Sun Tai immediately felt the powerful suction force from the vortex and felt himself being pulled. He clenched his teeth and used the celestial spiritual energy in his body without any reservation. He pointed to the air and a red coffin suddenly appeared.

Sun Tai’s palm hit the coffin, causing it to shatter. The body of a boy floated out of the coffin.

“Turn!” The Giant Demon Clan ancestor shouted again. The veins on his body bulged out even more. The bloodline ability was very stressful to his body, and because his cultivation level wasn’t high enough, he could only last a few breaths.

The vortex began to spin like crazy and Sun Tai was dragged into it. He revealed a reluctant look and shouted, “Demon child, kill him!”

The boy suddenly opened its eyes, revealing a demonic light. It took one step and arrived before the Giant Demon Clan elder. Its speed was several times faster than teleporting.

The Giant Demon Clan ancestor saw the boy land a hit on his chest. He suddenly felt a destructive force hit his body.

He coughed out a large mouthful of blood as his origin soul quickly escaped his body along with his bag of holding. The boy then kicked a hole through the Giant Demon Clan ancestor’s body.

However, Sun Tai had already been pulled into the vortex. He let out a scream of frustration and slowly disappeared.

The Giant Demon Clan’s bloodline’s power had no ability to attack due to the low cultivation level of the Giant Demon Clan ancestor. However, it could teleport someone far away from Suzaku and into the distant stars.

As the vortex disappeared, Sun Tai also disappeared.

The boy was the only thing left floating in the air. After a pause, he chased after the Giant Demon Clan’s ancestor.

The Giant Demon Clan’s ancestor didn’t have time to grab Wang Lin. After letting out a frustrated roar, he quickly escaped. The boy quickly chased after him and the two of them disappeared over the horizon.

Wang Lin let out a sigh of relief as he struggled to stand up and walk out of the forest. With every step he took, he could feel this body getting weaker and the amount of spiritual energy in his body lessening.

Li Yuanfeng’s domain and Sun Tai’s seal had fused almost perfectly, sealing his power. The image of the tea leaf became more and more solid until it turned into a scar on Wang Lin’s forehead.

This scar formed a strange shape; the shape of Sun Tai’s seal.

Wang Lin bitterly smiled and struggled to walk for a long time. He felt like there was a mountain on top of him and every step was a struggle. By the time he made it out of the forest, all of the spiritual energy in his body had been used up. Not a sliver of it remained.

His physical injuries were extremely bad. He felt waves of pain coming from his internal organs, and his origin soul was so weak that it was about to collapse. Once he walked out of the forest, he felt the sunlight on his body. His body suddenly felt really weak and he blacked out before even falling to the ground.

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  2. I keep questioning the miracle that is Wang Lin. How has he survived to make this far? If ever there was a true way to ascend to immortality, I believe the road would be as the dangerous as this. The risk would far out weigh the rewards and it would deter most people from following this path.

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