Renegade Chapter 339

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Chapter 339 (Title at bottom)

The moment the giant hand got close, the ground began to shake. A cold-faced young man with red hair charged out from the ground and slammed into the hand.


The hand was bounced back several meters. The pair of eyes in the clouds locked onto the red-haired man.

The original body’s expression remained the same. It was as if that hand earlier was just a gentle breath. However, the two purple stars on its forehead were rapidly spinning.

It stood before Wang Lin and coldly stared at the sky.

The eyes in the red clouds disappeared again, and the amount of red clouds increased. This time, a large amount of red clouds entered the hand. The previously illusionary hand became more solid, and five deadly fingers formed.

It attacked once again!

This time, as the hand got closer, five spacial rifts were opened by its five fingers as they chased after Wang Lin.

Wang Lin let out a roar. He slapped his bag and took out the restriction flag. A lance quickly formed and he threw it at the hand.

At the same time, the spinning of the purple stars on the original body suddenly paused, and crackling sounds came from all over the body. It turned into a 30-foot-tall giant with a hint of purple light under its skin. The body emitted a grim aura.

The original body was starting to look like an ancient god.

The original body’s eyes were filled with battle intent. It quickly stepped toward the hand and grabbed the lance.

With a bang, it lunged toward the hand!

However, with a boom like the heavens were collapsing, the lance shattered and turned back into restriction gas. The original body was hit with a powerful force and crashed down into the ground.

When it landed on the ground, many cracks appeared around it. The original body kept sinking and only stopped when it was 1500 kilometers underground.

A stream of blood came out from the corner of the original body’s mouth. Its will to battle increased even more, causing its blood to boil as it charged out once more.

Wang Lin hadn’t stopped moving; he was rapidly flying away with his divine sense spread out. Then he suddenly locked on to a mountain village 5,000 kilometers away.

The giant hand chased after Wang Lin after knocking his original body away. The eyes inside the red cloud didn’t show any sign of changing.

The moment it arrived, Wang Lin suddenly turned around. He focused all of his spiritual energy into his finger and touched the palm of the hand with it.


Wang Lin was sent flying. He coughed out a mouthful of blood, which landed on the scroll and disappeared into it. Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul, which was almost dead, suddenly gained a hint of life.

He was fighting against the heavens’ reincarnation cycle for this woman.

The giant hand reached out once more. The original body charged out of the ground and let out a roar. It stopped before Wang Lin and slammed into the giant hand with its right fist.


The original body spat out a mouthful of blood and began to laugh maniacally. The giant hand had been knocked back several meters.

The original body let out a loud laugh as it walked forward and continued to punch the giant hand.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

With each impact, his original body would bleed more from the corner of its mouth, but its will to fight kept on increasing.

“I’m an ancient god, so I’m naturally a heaven defying existence! If you wish to take her, you will have to walk over my dead body!”

A figure suddenly appeared behind the original body. Its feet were on the ground, but its head was in the sky. The figure was not standing but kneeling with one leg on the ground. Its head was down like it was asleep.

The original body laughed like a mad man as it continued to throw out punches, knocking the giant hand back. As the original body kept attacking, the figure behind him gradually raised its head.

The eyes inside the red clouds were still calm. These eyes belonged to the messenger of the heavens. He had no emotions; his only goal was to follow the rules of the heavens and pull anyone who wished to escape the cycle of life and death back in.

The original body’s strength was far beyond any cultivator’s. Wang Lin quickly left with the scroll in his arms.

The giant hand was eventually pushed back into the red clouds and disappeared. But in the blink of an eye, the hand charged out of the red clouds again. This time, the hand was almost completely solid, and it was several times more powerful than before.

The hand wasn’t open anymore; it was a fist that collided with the original body. With a bang, countless parts of the original body were damaged as it fell from the sky.

The figure behind the original body seemed to have woken up. At it raised its head, a powerful force surged out of its body. The original body suddenly stopped falling, then it flew up to the forehead of the figure.

The giant hand ignored the figure and smashed toward Wang Lin, who had already flown far away.

Wang Lin had been keeping track of everything that was happening behind him. He clenched his teeth and teleported. The 5,000 kilometer distance was crossed in one teleport.

Below his feet was a paradise-like village. The children were playing as if the earth-shattering battle 5,000 kilometers away couldn’t be heard.

They actually couldn’t hear it, though; no one but Wang Lin and his original body could see and feel the power from the heavens.

The only thing that others could see and hear was the hole the original body had made, but by the time the sound from that impact traveled this far, it was too weak to be noticed.

In this village of less than 100 people, a woman was currently cooking porridge. She would occasionally raise her head to look at the children playing outside while touching her stomach.

Floating in the air above the village, Wang Lin shook the scroll. Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul came out of the scroll and immediately began to dissipate.

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a hint of tenderness as he pointed at Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul. Her Nascent Soul flew like a meteor toward the village.

At this moment, the giant fist arrived.

It suddenly came down from the sky, smashing toward Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul. Wang Lin quickly blocked the fist.


Wang Lin coughed out a mouthful of blood. His eyes were bloodshot right now. He then quickly took out nine wooden carvings with the domain of time.

The giant fist descended once more and shattered six of the wooden carvings.

The fist passed through the remaining wooden carvings, went around Wang Lin, and once more chased after Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul.

Wang Lin let out a roar and once again arrived in front of the fist. He didn’t have any time to use any techniques, so he blocked it with his body.


Wang Lin was bleeding from his orifices, but he began to laugh. He continued to laugh. Eventually, the laughter sounded like it was filled with madness.

“You want to wipe out Wan Er to force her back into the reincarnation cycle? I, Wang Lin, won’t let you!”

The cold eyes in the red clouds looked at Wang Lin and the fist descended again.

Wang Lin blocked it once more. This time, many parts of his body shattered and blood spewed out of his mouth and nose. However, his expression was now even more mad as he looked at the eyes in the clouds and laughed .“I cultivated the domain of life and death. One day, I’ll make the heavens’ reincarnation cycle mine! Then I’ll make the reincarnation cycle follow my commands and make you, an illusion created by the reincarnation cycle, bow before me!”

The gaze in the red clouds was still calm as if it were looking at a sad mortal spouting nonsense.

Li Muwan’s Nascent Soul had already entered the village and silently fused with the flesh inside that woman’s stomach.

The eyes looked at the village before turning back to Wang Lin. Then the giant fist fell once more. This time, there was a suction force coming from the fist, and it was covered in lightning.

This punch was punishment for obstructing the will of the heavens!

The moment the fist started moving, the original body arrived. A ray of blood-red light charged in from the distance and fused together with Wang Lin.

Wang Lin and his original body suddenly disappeared. They were replaced by a ten-foot-tall person with long hair.

This person’s left eye was like the moon and his right eye was like the sun. This person was covered in an aura composed of a mix of the ancient god’s power and the life and death domain.

The current Wang Lin was no longer a cultivator or an ancient god, but a never before seen combination. His body was as powerful as an ancient god’s, but he had the origin soul of a cultivator.

This was a combination of inner and outer cultivation methods. Wang Lin raised his head. Behind him was the figure with its head raised. If one looked closely, they would see an origin soul the size of a person in the figure’s chest. There were vein like-things that extended from the origin soul to the entire body of the figure.

That original soul was like the heart of the ancient god.

Without waiting for the fist to land, Wang Lin stepped forth and flew toward the fist.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wang Lin’s body was sent flying and he kept on coughing out blood. However, he laughed the entire time. His laugh was filled with arrogance.

“Now that she has been reincarnated with her Nascent Soul, her life has been extended. This falls in line with the laws of the heavens. As long as she doesn’t cultivate, she will be able to escape the eyes of the heavens. 19 years from now, when her Nascent Soul reforms, you will come back, but I’ll stop you again!”

The eyes in the red cloud calmly looked at Wang Lin for a while before disappearing. Even the giant fist disappeared. The red cloud scattered.

Chapter 339 – To Be Reincarnated

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      1. To my knowledge, the way that oriental reincarnation (and originally all concepts of reincarnation) works is that the one soul is the same person, brought to life over and over and over again, living out their lives in many different ways throughout the eons.

        This is actually seen in video games with the story of Zelda, Ganon, and Link; Ganon is himself an immortal who never truly dies, and continues to be revived over and over again; Zelda and Link, however, grow old, die, and are reincarnated again into new bodies, always of the same lineage, in the case of Zelda, as she’s literally descended from the bloodline of the Goddess Hylia, and is effectively her mortal incarnation. Even though that’s a Japanese story, it’s still much the same here, and seen very commonly in Buddhism as well as Taoism, though the exact methods are different.

        You may also recall in Er Gen’s other novel I Shall Seal The Heavens, how when the Wang Clan patriarch attacked Meng Hao, there was a constant reference to three souls and seven spirits? That is the Taoist concept, at its root, cycling between this world and a mirror world (yin realm and yang realm) and living out lives one after the other in each of them.

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