Renegade Immortal Chapter 89-90

Here is the first two chapter of the week, 3rd chapter will come later today.

Chapter 89
Chapter 90

11 thoughts on “Renegade Immortal Chapter 89-90” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thanks for taking the time to translate these chapters
    I told you that this novel now in Chapter 231, if you want to continue this novel please continuala from that chapter because otherwise it’ll take a couple of years just to get to that chapter.

    1. While sailing for Wuxiaworld, there was a mutiny. Is it unknow what happened to them, some say they are all dead, other say they are lost. If they are alive and find their way back, good. Otherwise I’ll say like a certain slime, if you care, you lost.

  2. Thank you for the chapters….
    Your translations are much better than the previous ones…. How dare you spoil me so? I can’t even read onwards because of how poorly written the others are in comparison.
    Do you know compassion? Let this little slime read moar!

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