12 thoughts on “Renegade Immortal Chapter 86” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Hey, Rex, if you aim to change the release schedule from 1 a day, to 1 a week, let us know. You don’t have to go about it like this, slowly conditioning us to see less and less RI.

  2. Forget this guy, he says he will deliver 15 chapters this week. It is already Saturday, almost Sunday. I don’t care if he has problems, if you make promise, you do it. If there are not 15 chapters by tomorrow I will stop reading this and boycott it and never donate in the future, thought about it but never will now.

  3. I can understand if your really busy, or have unforeseen circumstances that keep you from translating, but don’s tell us that you will put out 14 more chapters this week and then just go quiet without posting a chapter. If something has come up so you cant translate, or you want to release them all at once, just give us a reason why you have been gone. I’m sure people will understand, but don’t get our hopes up and then leave us in the dark for a week.

    1. i know seriously. bitching to a translator wont get shit translated. it will just end the translations.

      RL can suck sometimes. plus its Rex’s SPRING BREAK. if it was my spring break id be like “F*CK YOU GUYS… IM OUT”

  4. howdy,

    thanks for picking this up!!!

    just started reading this week and sadly caught up to 86. now i have the dilemma… to read the mtl or wait for better translations.

    hope you had a good spring break.

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