Renegade Immortal Chapter 82&83

Hello everyone finally done with all the interviews. Well kinda got held at gun point today so I accepted an offer so no more looking around (They basically called me and give me a verbal offer and ask if I accept right there and then lol was too good to pass up =P)

Here is the first and second chapter of the week! Only 8 more to make up for this week o.-

Chapter 82
Chapter 83

13 thoughts on “Renegade Immortal Chapter 82&83” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. No more stressful interviews at least haha

    Say, why do you use the old term (Spirit Forming) instead of Spirit Severing? I thought it was agreed to standardize the stages? Also, Dao-Seeking has been used by deathblade as the stage after Spirit Severing, where I’ve noticed here it’s been referred to as Soul Transformation if I recall correctly. Or are the terms actually different in the raws?

    Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the hell out of what you do, just was a little confused (and who doesn’t like consistency?)

    1. Using Soul Transformation, I just derp while translating will fix it. Have that list of changes but sometime I just get them mixed up when I don’t check XD

      1. Ah. But if you go to the index you’ll see: “Spirit Forming –-> Spirit Severing”.

        But yeah you’re right, there are some differences anyway (15 vs 13 levels Qi condensation).

        1. I think the reason his original Sect think there is 15 levels is because they are from a Level 3 nation and their Qi Condensation method was extremely sub-par. He didn’t actually even notice levels in the technique he used (which he got from Situ Nan) so just ball-parked his actual power level comparing with the old system.

          It’s quite possible that 2 of the “steps” from the original method were completely superfluous which would explain why there was bottlenecks at level 3 – 4 and level 6-7 of their technique.

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