Renegade Immortal Chapter 77

So I don’t know how other translator feel about this but whenever I’m translation and hit a part where author is describing how a person looks with a string of metaphors I get a huge headache. It takes me forever to figure out what it even means and then put it into English as best as possible. And after that I have to stop for a hour or so to recover. English just doesn’t have enough words ;c and metaphors suck… for translators.

Anyways here is the first chapter of the week!

Chapter 77

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  1. Oh my… English has a LOT of words. And whole ton of metaphors for describing things too. Some authors can go on for over a page describing a ROOM of all things! Looks like you are just not as expert at English as you are at Chinese. (Not that I blame you – translation is hard!) Stuff like this is where a proofreader is supposed to help. Do you have one?

    1. Yeah, most native English speakers probably only use 20%-30% of the language and are still considered fluent.

      That’s only considering actual words used, not even gonna guess what percentage of metaphors people would use on a day to day basis.

  2. I used to think English vocab bank was poor too. Until recent years, after college started, I have discovered a lot of new vocabs. So try your best and maybe get some helpers 😉

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