11 thoughts on “Renegade Immortal Chapter 721-722” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. The queue for chapters was at 100 when he said his exams were over and that he would start clearing the queue. Its been weeks and the not only has the queue not been cleared, it keeps on increasing. The sad thing is that there has been no communication regarding the reduction in pace and there is no indication of the queue being cleared anytime soon. Don’t know if the translator is piling up chapters to release en masse but I feel some kind of communication from the translator is owed.

  1. I wouldn’t mind it so much if there was at least some communication as to why chapters aren’t being posted. All we get is the occasional chapter post and an updated chapter queue.

  2. thank you for the duble release.
    i feel like the situation is building up to a scenario where Ren will drop the bomb of news where a new translator is hired, and chapters will be pouring non-stop… or multiple translators working on this novel. this is such a great novel, that it deserves better schedule…

    1. Honestly said, I am very disappointed. Of course, it is Rex’s time and his skills and he does a great job when it comes to the translation. Who knows, maybe he is very busy in real life or has something going on.
      I am just disappointed about the lack of communication and all those empty promises to clear the queue. It is already Friday so we are about to hit the 142 (!!!) chapters in queue mark on Sunday (if there won’t be any chapters coming). There is no way for Rex to catch up anymore. No one can release 20-30++ chapters a week to catch up.
      At this point I wish Ren to step in and help find a solution. For example finding additional translators. At least it helped when he stepped in regarding HJC.

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