Renegade Immortal Chapter 689 + Patreon Update

Sorry for no chapter last 2 days had my only 2 family obligation over the holiday stacked together so was basically out of home all day for both day. No more of that boring stuff though. Here is the 11th chapter of this week. (97 queued)

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Also I’ll be activating charge up front on my patreon. For those who doesn’t know patreon always charges for the previous month on the 1st of next month. So you say you pledge nov 15th you don’t get charged for month of nov until dec 1st. Now this isn’t an issue for people who send out their stuff to all their patrons at the beginning of the month but I believe people realize the problem it causes with translators. Mainly people either lowering their pledge or dropping pledges right before the 1st of every month to avoid getting charged. If anyone who paid attention to my patreon knows the pledge number dips at least 30% when 1st rolls around.

What charge up front does is you’re paying for the pledge moment you pledge and then the 1st of every month for the next month. So if you pledge on nov 15th you pay the pledge for nov on the 15th and then dec 1st you get charged for dec. If you increase pledge at any time you will be charged the difference. What does this mean for current patrons? Well nothing you still get charged at 1st of the month like always only thing to watch out for is when to increase pledge (do it at start of the month and not toward the end). For new patrons ideally sign up early in the month to get the most out of it.

Also I did email patreon support about this and they told me once I activated it it won’t active till the 1st of the next month so shouldn’t be any problem. But just increase current patreon loss access or anything don’t panic should be fixed by 1st (Why I delay it till the last 2 days before the 1st to do this) Also DON’T PLEDGE OR INCREASE PLEDGE TILL AFTER THE 1ST OR YOU WILL BE DOUBLE CHARGED!

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  1. i’d be more worried about the backlog then trying to get more money, or at least wait until your close to clearing it, before you start changing your patreon, it’s a pity but used to have a lot of trust in you as a Tl’er but due to not answering comment’s here or on the forums for me you’ve lost a lot, sorry to be blunt but facts are facts, this is why I’m not a big fan of patreon system and only stick to using paypal , I mean Ren’s, had to payback people with money that could have been used for his qi fight or the website due to other people in the past

    1. with close to a 100 chapters owed i dont get why your still even bothered about pateron though tbh. those people playing around with your pledges might very well be people that want to pledge but backed out due to the 1month+ of mia.

    2. With the TL scene turning professional, some translators are getting 40-50 k a month from patreon.
      (Consider patreon as a form of salary)
      What these guys get is pittance compared to that. Like 800 dollars a month. You’ve seen it for yourself. And some of these scumbags still trying to cheat them by droppinf pledges. You wouldnt be irritated?

      Consider the fact these guys are full time students with no jobs and they spend their hours translating.Why wouldn’t they want money or compensation like the rest? They couldve just started off where void dropped the project and got a steady following but they went back and retranslated the whole thing. Because of that they lost a lot of following, which couldve helped them if they were only looking for money like you implied.

      At this shit amount of patreon bucks, we’re lucky to have 10 regular chapters a week. Go see some other novels whose translators do like 5-7 regular chaps a week at max. And you still complaining.

      And about the backlogs, they havent run off with the money or anything, they are still posting regularly. Your comments wouldve made sense if they had disappeared like the hjc translator. He has kept a queue, there’s transparency about the whole thing and we’ll get it sooner or later.

      1. Let me just say first that I really appreciate Rex and the team and thank them for their hard work. It is a dick move to pretend to be patrons only to back out right before the billing.

        Now that that’s out of the way;

        No these guys can’t expect the same compensation as ‘professional translators.’ (Though $800 is a bit too small for 10 chapters/week.)
        Thing is, if someone gets paid professionally then a certain level of quality assurance is expected. If this was any other job, a month backlog is going to get you fired or serious financial repercussions.

        That chapter backlog is moving at like 1 chapter/week. At this rate the novel is going to be finished before the queue is cleared.

        I fully understand the challenges that these guys face. But that is why you don’t pay students full-time salary. Because they can’t work full-time.

      2. i asked him to put a statement out at i think 6 weeks and 8 weeks even backing him if he needs time off, but he blanks the posts here and in the forums , so , how you going to feel when someone is taking money and can be bothered too answer shows no repsect for the reader and you back even when you’ve tried to help them by say” why not just release 1-3 a week until whatever going on as I’m sure the backlog in giving you extra stress” and ” it’s more important to deal with your rl stuff ” …yet no answer just the weeks behind bs sorry don’t care now lost trust even when i’ve tried to help him get out getting in to it …and feel free to go back and look at my posts, if you can’t trust what i’ve just posted

  2. i know nowaday
    get a paid job properly is so hard
    but if we want this novel to translated marveously
    it not only need money

    no offense but if this translation need more resource, time and hard work
    i wish renegade immortal to be translated by dea*#blade

    coz i think
    he deserve it
    deserve to be paid more

    1. Hard work like they did retranslating the entire void mtls so it would be easier for people to understand? Funny how they cant get credit for anything.

      Even when they were translating at regular speed and pumping out 10 chaps a week, they could neither get credit for the work they put in nor compensation like other translators.
      With the small following, and poor patreon this novel receives, good luck trying to get some other translators who work as hard as them to touch this novel with a 10 foot pole.

      1. i bet you my left nut that if deathblade picks this up the patreon would explode. People love the novel, but dont like TL who consistently miss the chapters. At this point they should just drop the ~98 chapters they owe and give us a more manageable schedule which they can consistently follow so people wont be as upset seeing that number increase past 100.

        1. someone got the point I was trying to make weeks ago,, it was all the “weeks bs ” then and now we have the “98-100 days backlog ” bs…. yes it pisses people off, and now its let’s change payments dates when you have over 100 still behind if you included the Patreon releases, this is why I said then stop the weeks behind and just release a few 1-3 a week and it will stop people from getting upset etc ..but no comment, now the only comment we get is, I’m changing dates so I don’t lose money but no comment about the huge back log ( yes its new year depending were you are etc in the world so no problem needing time off), but as pointed out above no comitment to a workable release rate

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