Renegade Immortal chapter 664

Here is the 8th chapter for 10 weeks ago.

Sorry no chapters yesterday went out drinking with some friends since last class finished yesterday. I’m not great with alcohol (everything is too bitter lol) so was basically out after 2-3 drink and just kinda follow along the entire time XD

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  1. lmao its okay, drink more and you’ll get better and it will taste better. hate beer but over the years of being forced into drinking plenty, i acquired a taste for it. I’m more of a liquor guy and wine

  2. Rather than keeping track of “the 8th chapter for 10 weeks ago”, wouldn’t it be simpler to do like RainbowTurtle had done: to convert that into a number of “owed chapters”, then to resume your normal translation schedule and to work on reducing that number bit by bit (and maybe turning off the sponsoring until then)

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