8 thoughts on “Renegade Immortal Chapter 639” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Sorry but this post is beyond stupid.
      Rex just keep up with record of how much he owe while busy with rl. And he with lucas tend to make up for it.
      If i recall correctly there was post somewhere saying that they will get some free time closer to new year but i can be wrong tho.
      Thanks for the chapter!

      1. Sorry but your comment Surium is the one beyond stupid.

        He just asked a simple question of can or can’t keep your promise.

        And yes you are wrong. Rex never said he would catch up in new year.

        People like you is what’s wrong in the translation community.

        Do you even realise that we are talking about 7 weeks worth of chapter.

        This is about 65 chapter in total.

        How about stop using real life problems as excuse.

        Why not talk with RWX and find a new translator to fill the gaps?

        Why not reduce the amount of chapter per week?

        Why the lack of communication with fans?

        Why so much excuses and so little work?

        Think before comment next time, because the one is rude here is Rex to the readers and Patreon supporters.

        1. >How about stop using real life problems as excuse.
          Stop reading right there. Rex posted reason why they are slowed down.
          You are not forced to be patron and you are not forced to be ungrateful reader.
          You are the one and dude above you should consider getting real life after which you would not be bored to the point where you would complain about something you get for free.
          You the one who should think about it, since rex and lucas are not part of full-time translators.
          This chapter record in every post is for rex himself, keeping count since he did it like this after moving to WW fully. As fact that he acknowledge that he owe some chapters. Stop bringing up community and fans you thinking too much of yourself.

          1. Hello white knight, how are you?

            Don’t get mad.

            I promise, i will not go so hard this time.

            We all know you read all of my post is just that everything i said is the true and the true hurts.

            I made good points but you simple didn’t want to answer, instead you decided to act like a keyboard warrior.

            Like i said before people like you are the problem in this community. Why?

            Basically you just said that fans of the author, readers and patron users can’t complain because if we do we are ungrateful?

            Do you realise how senseless, idiotic that sound?

            You said i should get a real life, but you don’t even understand how the real world works.

            Have a nice day.

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