6 thoughts on “Renegade Immortal Chapter 598” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. always last week,, it’s like we’ll never catch up.. hahahaha until the last chapter translated, you’ll have to make up like 10 more chapters just to catch up or something xD

  2. Thank you for chapter, you should just forget about “missing” chapters and have small break and then just try to keep with schedule as a new from start of the week as I have been following releases and it have been most off the time chapter from last week and that can be stressful. I’m pretty sure as long you announce that you gonna do that ppl won’t go ballistic and take it fine. Take care of yourself mate as main priority.

    1. I agree I don’t want you to break down from stress or anything like that. Some slimeballs might not be able to understand that but…. they’re slimeballs and we support you.

      1. Also I don’t want you to be discouraged when you’re pumping out chapters because you’re a week behind when you still keeping pace with your schedule even though that’s a lot of chapters.

    2. Agree …
      It is hard enough trying to keep up with 10, it is better to take it easy and start again, or just back to your old system ( 2 in week) so you can keep up your pass

  3. I agree with everyone else here. Restart your system or take a break to avoid feeling swamped. Don’t kill yourself by appeasing others.

    Besides, it’s not last week anymore- it’s the week before last week’s chapters now. 10+ chapters behind your set schedule probably means you should reevaluate.

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