Renegade Immortal Chapter 592

Here is the 10th chapter of last week. A bit of an update on the slow release, my editor has lost internet around Monday and won’t get it back until Friday. We doing some stuff to get stuff edited but its hard so all the release might happen over the weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  1. Just a question and forgive me i am new, I was introduced to this novel through and was wondering are they a affiliate site or clone of because i enjoyed the bookshelf feature they had there it kept track of the 5 books i was reading.

    On a side note loving the work you are doing on the translations

    1. is a pirate website that steals out work and posted on their own site. They do not have permission from us to host the novel we translate. We hope readers would help us by not reading on their site.

      1. I have moved over to this site and hope to pick up a few more novels to get into, I have read 12 novels so far and hope to continue reading more, I must say ISSTH was a long one and was sad when it ended it was a daily routine for me but i am making up for it with Dragon Blooded Warrior, Dragon Marked Wargod, Renegade Immortal, Tales of Demons and Gods as well as a few others i am not sure i will be drawn into. Thanks for the hard work and keep the chapters coming

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