Renegade Immortal chapter 57 & 58

Hello everyone! Here is the 4h regular chapter of this week and the first sponsored chapter on WW!

Chapter 57
Chapter 58

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    1. It’s being re-translated for better quality and clarification. It was previously machine translated. Some of the chapters that were MTL were so bad in quality that it caused people to drop this novel. Also because the terms weren’t consistent it confused the readers. If you don’t want to donate because it was previously MTL, then don’t. If this was shameless then asking for donation (which people don’t have to but is a way to show support) and providing sponsor chapters for any novel, no matter the circumstance, would be shameless.

    2. I can vouch for ruiner. I’m one of those people who dropped it because the English was so engrish for me to get through. I would literally have to reread sentences and reform them in my head to make some sense. Sigh. I don’t know if the translation of chapters by void translation got better, since I dropped the novel really early on but I am glad it’s being retranslated.

      Thanks for the chapter, Rex!

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