Renegade Immortal Chapter 51 – 53

Hello everyone! To be honest when I started reading all these novels and found WW I never thought in less than half a year I would be translating here! I like to thank everyone that has supported me since I started and I hope you will all enjoy reading Renegade Immortal (Xian Ni). Release wise will be 5 chapter regular chapter a week on Monday thru Friday and bonus chapters will probably come during those days as well. For people that have been reading the newer chapters those will continue to be posted on my site Here at 1-2 chapters a week depending on their length on weekends. Once I catch up to 179 then all those chapters will be moved here and I’m hoping to do so as soon as possible ^_^ Anyways here chapter 51 to 53!
Chapter 51
Chapter 52
Chapter 53

Translator: Rex
Editor: Lucas

28 thoughts on “Renegade Immortal Chapter 51 – 53” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. I started reading xian ni before issth, i learned about xianxia through xian ni, so im glad someone starting to translate it again.
      Ps:sorry for the bad english.

      Thank you and good luck Rex.

  1. Pretty cool that it’s being translated properly already dropped the one at voidtrans because I can’t even understand it already at some point but anyway thanks and happy that someone picked it up.

  2. My goooood this thing has been dead and passed around for like two centuries thank god its back but i don’t remember a thing XD gotta start over to the part when he’s still like a little chibi with that dragon hand pulling thing and the sect still exists cuz that’s all i remember

  3. Thanks for the re-translation Rex ! I almost got heart-attack when void dropped it. It’s mainly because this novel got me hooked up and introduced me to the Xianxia world. In other words, i won’t be even be here if not for this WN’s Manhua. So Thank you Void and Rex and WUXIAWORLD. Keep up the good work!!

    1. My story exact!! I was reading the Xian Ni manhua, and when I reach to the then current releases, I was still fiending for more story. So I deciding to read the novel’s translations , which, admittedly, I was highly sceptical of. That is where my love of xianxia started! If it wasn’t for Xian Ni, this world would still be cut off from me.

      Needless to say that I’m pretty exacted about this move. Not just for Rex and WW (congrats!!), but for all the new people who’ll be introduced to Xian Ni/ Renegade Immortal!

  4. I’ve read xian ni before. If not mistaken, it was until the chapter when the MC was trying to get himself a furnace.
    But honestly i could only “decipher” some part of the story …
    Well, i got it free, so there is no point in complaining, so i just swallowed them all up.
    It’s sooo good to have you here, and to know that i can continue , or in this case, reread this awesome novel.
    Thx a ton Rex! Thx a ton!

  5. Welcome Rex e Luke, happy to have you guys here. I just saw in your page that Luke is from Brasil like me kkkk, I thought that I’m the only Brazilian that read xianxia, happy I’m wrong

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