4 thoughts on “Renegade Immortal Chapter 442” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. i am really grateful for you guys translating my absolut favorite novel! and i would love to support you for more releases per week. but after one look at patreon i think you need to tweak the frequently weekly releases a bit. 16 chapters a week is by no means a small amount and i know its time consuming to release more than two chapters a day whilst translating in high quality but damn… 4000 bucks for 16 chapters? dont want to sound ungrateful and dont want people to shitstorm me but 1000$ for 12 chapters and 4000$ for 16? thats a bit… much

    1. Well remember that is 16 a week and 4000$ a month, split between a team of translators. So that is really 64 chapters for 4000$. If there are 4 translators on the team then they only get 1000$ a month for a job that takes up a lot of time and effort. I already call that a hell of a deal.

      1. At $4000/month and 16 chapters/week, that’s $62.50 per chapter, or slightly more than the current sponsor goal of 60 dollars for bonus chapters. If we make it 14/week to exclude a base 2 chapters/week, that’s $71.43/extra chapter, 1/6th more than a direct donation bonus chapter. Neither of those costs factor in the extra stress, work per week, and scheduling changes from having to ramp up production rates, either. As such, regardless of the team size, that doesn’t seem that out of place a price point. If they have more workers on the team to lessen the burden, then everyone makes a bit less, but it’s a correspondingly easier task at hand, too.

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