Renegade Immortal Chapter 440 Release + Patreon Announcement!

Hey guys, starting today, you can support us on Patreon! Everyone else has been doing it, so why not jump on the bandwagon? Our release schedule will not change; we will continue releasing at least 10 chapters/week, but that number will go up if we hit certain milestones on Patreon. Don’t worry, the 20 chapters we owe you have been translated! More than half of them have already been released and the remaining ones will be coming throughout the next couple of days. We would release them in bulk, but we don’t want you guys to die of Situ Nan awesomeness overdose.

If you pledge a certain amount, you will be given exclusive access to chapters before they get posted here on Wuxia World. Your name will also be displayed on the side of each chapter to show off your cultivation level. Patron rewards will be coming in May, so you still have two weeks to make up your mind. I will be graduating soon™, and if we get enough support from you guys, we might make translating a full time thing. Lucas and I have a goal of becoming indie game developers. He will start going to school either at the middle of this year are at the start of 2018 to learn how to do art and animations for games. Your support so far just from reading Renegade Immortal has put us on the path to achieving our goal, so thanks everybody for sticking with us until now!

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Here is the 21st chapter of the week.

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14 thoughts on “Renegade Immortal Chapter 440 Release + Patreon Announcement!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I will start reading this novel when ISSTH is completely finished. I started reading ISSTH when it already had around the same amount of chapters Renegade Immortal has right now. I wonder how quickly the pace picks up? When I started reading ISSTH I was very temped to drop it a couple of times since it had a very rough start. How big of a mistake had I almost made? haha

    1. It’s the same for this. At this point in time Renegade Immortal is my fav. Definitely worth picking up.

      I wanna die of that awesome Situ Nan overdose! Haha

      You guys are awesome. Two weeks it is then 🙂

    2. I can’t say whether or not you’ll like Renegade Immortal if you’re someone who almost dropped ISSTH, but for what it’s worth, the story becomes quite exciting and takes a turn for the better around chapter 102 or so. Overall, the pace feels consistent.

      1. Agh its just the earlier chapters when Meng Hao only kept running away. You didn’t know what where Meng Hao’s plans for the future either. The only thing you knew at the beginning of ISSTH is that he wanted to get stronger, but you didn’t know what was his drive or anything. Thats why I say ISSTH had a rough start since there wasn’t anything that really interest you within the earlier chapters of the novel.
        (when I say I almost dropped ISSTH it was around the first 100 chapters though… later on the novel became incredibly good!)

  2. Oh shit, cool. Also, for a game idea you should use novels like this as references; they give really good ideas for settings, combat, mechanics, abilities etc. I have a plan that if I do become one myself I’ll put the idea through.

    1. I’m thinking of doing an RPG visual novel kinda like Lightning Warrior Raidy but implement cultivation levels or something. We also thought about doing a mobile game, but that’ll probably be a bit further down the road.

  3. Nascent Soul Cultivator reporting for duty patriarch!

    I hope we can fully support you guys with your dreams, while you guys support us with our crave of reading!

  4. I’m glad to hear that you have such clear goals in mind.
    Wish you both all the best! Always keep your goals in sight!!
    Dreams are always worth following, it’s what keep us driving forward.

    Many thanks for all your passion and we’ll definitely help!

    Wish you a great night. 🙂

  5. If you’re actually using the money earned from translating to pay for school to make video games…. well then you sir, the two have you have not only earned my respect, but my admiration as well. Good, good, good.

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