Renegade Immortal Chapter 134

First chapter of the week, pretty long one. Two more should come out later today (3am right now need to sleep lol).

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    1. If you mean five stars translation then you are mistaken as they are also Rex and Luke they just moved the old chapters here and will move the new ones here to wuxiaworld once they catch up to chapter 179

      1. Cool! I think im gonna re read this series after they move all the content here. This novel was my starting point. It was the 1st novel i read and got me hooked into reading. I remember reading it on void translation(is that right? I dont remember the name) but I stopped reading for reasons that i dont even remember why.

  1. “It actually updated??” I said in disbelief, rubbing both of my eyes to see if I’m seeing an illusion. Knowing that it wasn’t, I finally read the chapter.

  2. im still waiting for it to reach was it 170 or 180? to re-read it after rex picked it up. most ppl only read a machine translation of it then kept bugging rex to focus mostly on new chapters instead of remaking the old ones into real good quality so thats why we wait a long time. cant even begin to understand how people can read a machine translation, its like taking butterfly wings (beautiful patterns on them) and putting it on a pig. its not even the same work after its been machine translated. 40-50 more chapters to go before rex puts the other chapters here, then we will reach almost 300 chapters by the time he is done i guess, good work rex and ty, keep up the good work and dont get to much affected by readers, just work at your pace and ignore comments, for all who dont know and keep stressing rex for more chapters should know what this novel has more characters than any other novel, 1 chapter in this novel can be like 2-3 chapters on other novels

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