Renegade Immortal Chapter 130 Release & Explanation

Edit: I feel like I should clarify this as some people are misunderstanding. I’m not get rid of donation chapters, the chapters I’m talking about are chapters that I owe as in I didn’t translate that week so I need to make up that 3 chapters. They were all regular chapters that piled up due to me not being able to translate for whatever reason. I hope that clear it up, if I ever feel the need to get rid of donation chapters I’ll refund them.

Hello everyone, it’s been a while and I feel I do owe everyone some explanation on what happened to me over the last month. So to put this out there first nothing you know bad or anything happen to me in real life so I’m fine there. Now the reason for my lack of translation has been my own fault where I kinda pushed myself into a hole. As most of you know I had down period before summer and then was furiously catching up to make up for all those missed chapters. Then when I was almost done something happened that caused me to miss a week and those que chapter stacked up again. This hit me mentally harder than I thought it would or released at the moment but the counter I had there for chapters owed was kinda crushing me in a sense. I felt intimated by the chapters piling up and just made me not want to translate.

So what I have decided is to just forget about those chapter, I know it sucks for all of you and I’m sorry but that number there was just to stressful for me. However in return I’ll up the weekly release to 4 a week. Again I’m sorry for being out for so long.

Also I was talking with Lucas and we kind want to put up a cover for Renegade Immortal so if there any artist out there want to try their hand and draw something please feel free to email them to us. If we find a good one we’ll put it up in the index and credit you ^_^

Chapter 130

Now if anyone been wondering what I been up to I did end up writing a story myself as it was helping me relax. I’ll post it in the forum in a bit if anyone is curious to check it out. It’s here if anyone interested Story

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  1. Hopefully you don’t get flamed too hard or at all. I’d be pretty pissed if this happened to stories I donate to (ATG, MGA), but hey, in the end understandable. We all have a life.

  2. I don’t login to comment very often but please don’t feel stressed over numbers. The people are counting on you to finish it but if that finish line is sooner or later… what right do we have to speak when we’re not the ones doing the work? Thanks for your work, and keep it up at whatever pace feels good.

  3. I understand your frustration and stress and hope you feel better.

    On another note, I am very happy I do not donate to this series because I would absolutely hate to see a donation just disappear.

  4. Honestly I find it weird you were counting the regular chapters that would have been released if you had been releasing regularly. I find normally the translator just says they’re taking a short(or long) hiatus and don’t count them. So don’t worry so much about it.

  5. As long as you catch up to 180 in the next three months or so, I will be very happy. I have a feeling that a ton of people are holding off reading this novel until the chapters are caught up.

    Don’t feel any pressure, the novel wouldn’t have even be translated without you. Nobody would bother retranslating the MTL. You are doing a great deed by translating this whole novel from the start.

  6. hey i think it is okay… begin with in really tough times u can just take breaks by notifying your readers of it but u still insisted on doing them and tried to catch up. just looking at the frequency of your release people could say u were burning yourself out
    it is better u forget the debt and start afresh, i am with ya ^^
    thanks for your work!

  7. Don’t worry over such a thing. We should be thankful that you want to keep translating at all.

    Btw, i really think you should clarify that it was not donated chapters.
    Cause, guess what, i don’t think people really expect you to fulfill missed weekly chapters, so when you “explain” things, they will think you are talking about donated chapters right away. See?

    So cheer up!!

  8. Hello,

    Don’t get me wrong, I truly admire your work but it doesn’t seem that you are that much interested in finishing the last 50 chapters (131-179?).

    I hope you can focus in 1 road only (the remaining 50 chapters and then you keep going with regular releases starting from chapter 271 or forget about this 50 chapters and go with regular releases starting from chapter 271)

    My best regards and hope you can persevere in your dao of translating.

  9. A kindergarten kid can draw better than me with his left hand, but at least I can thank you for your hard work and hope you won’t have to stop translating. Just do it at your own pace.

  10. Rest is a good thing- stress and anxiety of your own expectations and goals can be a hard thing to overcome! And most of us here will be super understanding! Hope it feels good to throw off the weight of the stress and continue on with a fresh mindset! 🙂

  11. sigh

    I had a nice long post but i used the f word once in it when quoting someone else.

    It was deleted in moderation and I have no desire to waste my time trying to reiterate the spirit of it now. But I will waste my time saying I’m disappointed that my post was axed. There are people being killed, tortured, raped, and belittled throughout stories here but me quoting something with the f word is obviously hardcore stuff.

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