Renegade Immortal Chapter 129

Sorry for being gone for so long. First week my computer was going crazy on me then second week was really busy along with 4th of July, and this week was just kind arg. Anyways enjoy 129 be first chapter for this week and now gotta add 6 more chapter to the back up o.- so close yet so far =X

Chapter 129

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  1. Great. I started reading this not long ago and I liked it but I had to drop it when I reached the point where trasnlaions were terrible.

    Is good that you are back and healthy I hope.

  2. Oh hey, nice thanks ^^

    I just started reading this and stopped just hours ago after reaching the last update here, nice to see you adding more chapters.

    1. The translator here is the same one who translates at that website lol… Old chapters that are being retranslated (due to the previous ones being machine translated) are hosted here while the newer chapters are hosted at that site. Eventually when the old chapters reach 180 then they will be all caught up.

      It will be nice for the people who havent read void’s translations as they will get a nice ~100 chapter bonus once these chapters hit 180

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