5 thoughts on “Renegade Chapter 648” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. with respect, thanks for the post and the work but can you please make a real comment about whats going on with the release’s as 7 weeks is a tad of a joke,
    it would be better to remove that and say you have important RL stuff going on
    ( I’m 100% behind you due to what ever’s going on in your RL as that is more important as I’ve had a load of problems in my RL in the last 2yrs inc 2 x op’s and other health problems, only good thing is i get to read more )
    and say that you release say a basic 3 a week and anything else is extra as i would like to make a donation as I’ve gotten into this and love your work,
    I just get a bad feeling that if i do, it will stop and i’d have wasted my money or like someone else did take the money and run , it was good with ren having to pay the cash back etc but that cash he used could have been used for the site

  2. whys my post from before waiting for moderation , it’s not rude etc it’s just asking for a real comment as no one has answered anything when asked in the forums about the releases etc

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