Ren is going to be late

A couple of minutes ago I was contacted by Ren. He entrusted me with the always ungrateful task of relaying the bad news.

As many of you already suspect after reading the first line, it won’t be possible for him to have a third chapter coming out today. He’s stuck at an airport terminal, waiting for his flight to take off, and has very bad internet connectivity. Thus, he has almost no means to keep up with the translation work, and won’t make it in time to get the last chapter ready.

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      1. or he would run away through ventilation thingy, lock himself in a room with computers and internet connection and translate non-stop to kill time and escape reality while waiting for the SWAT team to arrive and rescue him.

        use brain man

        1. Damn, the connection was cut when was I was saving the editing.

          I’m sure if Ren Nee-sama herself explaining her condition, the reactions will be a lot more colorful, but you’re funny enough for us! Waiting for more of your crazy antics! ;D

          1. I was tunning some settings to improve TCP performance. Sadly, I realised today in the morning that the changes were causing to saturate the lines under certain conditions. I think the problems are solved now.

            And sure. I’ll stick to m’a style bro.

      1. Well since your the IT guy do something about the ads on mobile? When you click the tabs in the menu it shows up behind the ad x(] and you can’t click it, tried to report it in the fourms earlier but it wouldn’t let me post, or if it did it didn’t show up. Ty IT troll 🙂

        1. IT troll refrence is from monster hunter international good book btw~ guns and supernatural stuff its a good light read about 300-400 pages per book

  1. Airports can be a pain :/ But flying is fun 😀 . Enjoy you’re flight Ren 🙂 We don’t mind missing the third chapter (leastways i don’t) I mean it’s not as if we’re at a terribly interesting spot hoping to figure out what the priceless treasure is…. In all seriousness, I personally do not mind if you get a bit of a break, even if it is in an uncomfortable Airport terminal. FYI, pro tip, when going to places where there is any likelihood of getting stuck waiting for something, always bring a laptop or something on which you can play a war game or something 😛 . Makes the time pass so much quicker 🙂 Have a safe trip Ren! 😀 I don’t know what we would do if your plane crashed… (leaves quickly to go chant mantras to keep Ren safe, also pulls out several thousand voodoo dolls to curse any and all terrorists and mechanics that could endanger the plane through evil/carelessness)

    P.S. Fellow Ren worshipers join me in casting spells to protect our beloved Ren, Overgod of the Internet-Xinaxia/Wuxia world !!!

  2. Kyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!~~
    *imagine a pitch-high scream by a young girl*
    But its good that you let us know so we dont f5 the whole night.

  3. Too bad Ren’s metallic lifeform seems to be lower priority in the flock, making him wait 🙁

    Oh well, he can use the delay to spend some Inkstones on sipping Norcha while waiting 😉

  4. My dear Ren, Please do not fret. Whether it be a day or two or even a month, this humble ren-lover will still be pressing f5. Please take your time.

    – A true Ren lover.

  5. Well, I won’t lie to say I’m not disappointed, but have a good flight, maybe you’ll give us three chapters tomorrow (we can always hope!), 🙂

  6. crap, that is really crap..specially if it is after a long flight. hope you return safe. man last time i remember those damn counter shitheads were enjoying some kind of vacation during working hours. like as if they just got the pc opening. and it was after a 15 hour flight to JFK and just think about the rage i felt….damn them. airport delays suck like hell

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