“Remove Some Ads” Functionality Added

Hey guys, in an effort to improve the user experience and as a stopgap measure while we continue to work with the ad networks on limiting problematic ads, on the lower right hand corner of the window, when the page loads, you’ll see a ‘remove some ads’ button; if you click it, it will remove all 300×250 ads from the page. The 300×250 ads are the ones which are being overloaded with flash/video these days and are slowing down some browsers/computers, so by targeting those specifically, it should help those who have been kind enough to not Adblock us. The functionality should work on most modern browsers, so if you have problems, give it a try, and let us know how it works for you (or if it doesn’t), along with your browser information if it doesn’t! Cheers!

BTW – This is a very basic ‘first version’, so thanks everyone! 🙂

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    1. Thanks I am one of those who had problems, was eating my small 10 meg internet, and your welcome for me not ad blocking you I realize you have to make money to support this website, I was just hating the wait, to pause the ones that would let me, so I could get on to my reading LOL Thank you for this new feature

    1. Fraudulently clicking these ads, or encouraging people to do so, or mentioning that you have been doing so, can get Ren in hot water with ad networks. I don’t know to what extent that they’d be concerned but having people repeatedly click on ads, the same people clicking, will most likely show a clear pattern to ad networks that they are being defrauded. If you’d click the ad normally as a regular browser, then do so, but attempting to pad the ad clicks will most likely not result in fun times for Ren.

      1. Probably not, Ren is not forcing or even telling people the should click the ads. They are doing it by their own volition, no coercion involved. Ren can not be held responsible for people on their own clicking the ads. And besides, three or four more clicks a day wouldn’t even be noticeable to the ad network, probably doesn’t even account for 0.0000001% of the clicks they would get each day. They probably get millions of clicks a day from bots and other stuff alone.

        1. Maybe I went too far/overstated it, but these ad networks definitely attempt to track where these clicks are coming from- that’s their entire job. So they might not care but they definitely don’t see clicks as one big pile- they track that stuff. Look up browser fingerprinting, for example.

          Anyway, I’m not trying to dissuade anybody from clicking on the ads if they so wish.

          1. Yes, what you have said is absolutely true! It’s why I’ve been very careful never to suggest people click or even suggest at any ‘rewards’ for clicking, or even ‘appreciation’!

      1. thought so, oh well i can just use ghostery to block that ad i guess. just gotta figure out what 1 it is out of the 60+ other things it picks up XD

  1. Yup, it’s working fine in Chrome. Those video ads always lag my browser and the page never really load completely but with this new button the page load just fine and there is no more lag! =D

    1. Hi Kix, thanks for joining the community and your input! Unfortunately, it isn’t, for the simple reason that this would require cookies, which the supercaching program does NOT play well with at all. In principle, it can still be overcome, but it’s too much work for a stopgap measure that hopefully won’t be needed at all in a few weeks/month.

      1. Cookies can be modified/read via JavaScript which would circumvent the supercache issue. I could write you a quick code sample for your developer team and email it to you if you like.

    1. Hi naptime, glad to hear it! I have the same experience now on my (slow) work computers. It does need a bit of time to load, but making it load before everything else requires a bit of forceful coding that, frankly, I would rather not do as it might break a number of other things.

  2. Actually it would be great if there were option (pay money -> disable all adds). I believe this option would be used frequently. I would agree to pay 1~5 dollars per year for this…

    1. Thanks for joining the community, Ati! Honestly, if you’ve donated, just go ahead and Adblock. Adding in more code would be…well, kinda a pain on my end, since I’d have to set up a subscription system and get a LOT of custom coding done! xD

      1. Yea it >does< work on mobile but it removes the non intrusive ads that I don't mind ;-; after clicking this wonderful video ad http://puu.sh/iCTGL/a3214be2eb.png was still going. No harm done just figured I'd let you know there's still a few ads on mobile that will annoy ppl (It shows on top and at the bottom.. so yea).

        1. Thanks Lachiel! The top one is ‘hardcoded’ into the system, which is why it doesn’t work (the detection method is based on widgets, which the top one is not). Not sure why this one is still going…hrm. Might be because it was a 300×600 ‘slot’ that defaulted to a 300×250? Either way, good to know, thanks!

  3. You may want to reconsider the button location. Because it always floats in the screen it’s actually king of annoying and due to its location it can be easily accidentally tapped on phones. I think ideally it should be like the url bar, disappearing off the screen when scrolling down and reappearing when scrolling up.

  4. RWX~ While I don’t really post around very often, or even say thanks to the countless chapters you have given us, I really have to thank you for this one. Since I really had to start using adblock now, since my browser would crash whenever I open just… all the translations published in a day. >.> Oh, well. Thanks for all, RWX!

  5. There’s a problem that whenever I open the page without the adblock it plays some stupid song and I think this ad is at fault: http://s1.postimg.org/qwozooh8f/image.png
    By the way I’m talking about the one under the menu.
    It might be just me, I read that post you made about ads and understand that not everyone sees the same ads.
    Except for that everything works fine now. Though it was really annoying in those days when there were like over 150 ads per page and even 170+ sometimes.

    Something that might make the ‘Remove some ads ‘ function better would be introducing sessions or something so that it remembers to remove them instead of having to click it every time you load a page and maybe another button so that you can turn that option off for those who reconsider. This is just my opinion.

    1. Shouldn’t be; the one just below the menu is through a private network and it doesn’t have the flash stuff…I’ll look into it! 🙂

      But lol, 150 ads per page, come on xD xD xD

        1. Are you sure that you don’t have any adware or malaware installed. I would check if you have anything weird installed like yahoo toolbar( kidding…sorta) or condit Protect ( Popular infection). They quite a few things that happen to people when they download load something online.

          P.S Maybe you consider using no script instead. You can pick and choice what you see.

        2. also check your browser’s plugins or extensions and delete any you don’t recognize. Sometimes when installing software it secretly changes your home page and adds extensions which add ads to the page.

        3. Ooooh, I know what happened! There was this bug where if the ad wasn’t loading (ie adblocked), it would continuously try to serve another bug, resulting in a never-ending cycle of loads, loads, loads…but that was only IF you had Adblock xD

  6. I like reading on my phone and it’s kinda uncomfortable having the button float on one corner. The only way to make it go is to click it, but I don’t really mind the ads. You also got something from CPM and I do occasionally click if I see interesting ads. You could perhaps add an “Ads are cool” button to make all floating things go away?

    Buy yeah it would be great of you can implement cookies btw.

  7. I don’t know if it’s the chrome update or the recent changes, but I finally able to use this site on my tablet, RCA, without browser crashing. It’s a refreshing change.

    P.S These are some of my favorite ads. The books they suggest aren’t too bad.

  8. Hey Ren, I noticed this before but I’ve suddenly actually developed the motivation to comment frequently which actually made it matter, but can you add an option to just plain get notifications through this account or email about people replying to a comment I make rather than having to check it and confirm in my email every time?

  9. Well I am glad you added this feature, either my internet loading speed is too slow or my reading speed is too fast because i have yet to actually see the button. If possible, would you be able to make it so it’s one of the first things that loads on the page? I’m not exactly sure how you would do that, as i’m not an expert, but i would like to block those non-stop running videos. 🙂 Oh and idk if it will help but i use Google Chrome.

  10. Anything is fine as long as the site is not 50% fill with ads, and no video ads please… It’s very unpleasant to hear sounds coming out of nowhere.

  11. Ren, just my opinion, i hever had any problems with ads on my mobile platform, they are something that run in the background and never even get any audio from them (idk maybe cuz it’s on mobile) but when this “new remove some ads” pops up i had to click it because it’s distracting on the bottom right on my screen, i dont mind doing this everytime it pops up but if possible i want to leave the ads running (guessing that it would be better for the site if i leave the ads running than removing them) so i was wondering if we could have an option of not having this remove ads so we can support the site better on mobiles (sigh, this might be confusing, just trying to help xd)

    1. I actually saw a lot of complaints that some people were having lots of video that was draining their battery AND their bandwidth. For the most part, they are slightly better for me when loaded, but not enough for as big a difference as that. Thanks though, Madhu! 😀

  12. p.s
    i doubt anyone out there have problems with ads on mobile platform since i never had any, just do a poll or something to not have this “remove some ads” completely on mobiles so we can support the site better.

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