Registrations Open Again

Hey guys, the last part of the server move to a five-server solution has concluded, and our mailserver is working again.  As a result, we are once more opening registrations!  Sorry for not responding to everyone who individually emailed me this week, but I literally got dozens of emails!

31 thoughts on “Registrations Open Again” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Finally I can join in the bloody battles for firsts, I’ve been on WW for 5/4 months now,
    Thanks patriarch RWX, and others translators for you hard work. Hope you guys reach higher enlightenment ✌

  2. FINALLY! I can finally comment, after years of just pressing f5. I can finally do something else. RWX I’m a huge fan. WOHOOOOO!! Long live wuxiaworld!

  3. After several months reading your site i decided to become part of the F5 Sect, and came to offer respects to Patriarch RWX. Your cultivation base is high and you are a dragon among men. Many thanks for and greetings from Panama 🙂

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