Red Storm: Questions Answered

Hello all, miraclerifle here. Glad to be a part of the main page. I’ve been reading on wuxiaworld for a couple years now, so it feels great to be a part of the team!

I wanted to help address the two questions many people seemed to have.

1. How is it similar/different to the manhwa? DiabolicalHaterAnonx, one of my original readers in the forum, actually sent this link way back when, so I thought I would share.

Basically, the focus is the middle white rectangle. It states: The webtoon is based off of the novel with the same title. However, the story has already gone in a different direction than the original. (Did I really need to post the picture? No. But the otter?beaver? animal was cute)

When I first started translating it in the forums, I noticed the difference starts pretty early. However, the readers and I all agreed that the novel goes more into depth about certain aspects the webtoon may have just skipped.

I would recommend reading from the beginning so that you could get the deep aspects that the webtoon may have missed!

2. How many chapters are there?

There are a total of 6 volumes. Each volume is approximately 300 pages, which, based on volume 1, I would say breaks down to 40 – 50 subchapters per volume. I say subchapters because the author uses chapters really like a novel, aka sometimes 20 pages, sometimes 100 pages for a chapter. Hence the 1-1.1, 1-1.2, etc. Based on what I saw, the length of each chapter was what kept many people from translating this in the past. Plus the fact that the raws are in jpg so you can’t just throw things into google.



Hope that answers some of your questions and if I see enough questions repeated, I may do something like this again! I really do wish that you all enjoy the read!

Shameless plug: Here’s the link to Book 1, chapter 1, part 1: Click Here


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  1. Been so long since I started the manhwa so I’ve probably forgotten it, but knowing that not only is the manhwa based off the novel but it took a different turn in the end is great! Now it’s like I’ll be reading parts of a new story. Looking forward to it thank you!

    1. me too. I stop at chapter 141 to save more chapters and almost forget to read it. 😀 .
      The translator has said that the novel is deeper then I really have to read this novel since I like the story.

  2. I had to reconfirm when I saw this here… been following the webtoon since it initially started 2years back. It’s nice to know there’s a novel to this for some in-depth reading.. definitely something to look forward to

  3. i have to say WOW…. i freaking love the manwha. hope the novel is way better.. there is this korean manwha i read back when i was in high school called Dragon Hunter.. its superb.

  4. Welcome MiracleRifle (MR) to the main page.

    It’s great to see that Red Storm has found it’s way here. I’ve read the manhwa and was a wonderful read. Wanted to read the novel then but could not find it.

    Thank you for picking this up for translation

  5. This is just great. I followed the manhwa before and it was great, but a chapter of manwha is just like a summary of sorts, so I expect the light novel to be more exciting, more in-depth. Thanks in advance for a great read.

  6. Glad to see that Red Storm has made it to primetime.

    Please, please recruit some good editors to improve your translations as there some awkwardness in the use of your English, for example, when Yulian and Haisha first meets Luff. The initial encounter is talking about the desert warriors code of conduct (or desert etiquette) and warrior’s pride but you don’t mention any of these words.

    Also, don’t do a line by line direct translation – instead, absorb the chapter that you’re working on, mull it over then give us your translation. This will make the story more cohesive and not disjointed like in the recent releases from the manhwa.

    1. He/she lost his/her consciousness. <—– often found in amateur Korean translations.
    2. He/she suicided. <—– the socks and sandles usage (grammatically allowed, but should never appear).

    If I see these two forms in your translation then I will reach through the computer screen and give you a virtual slap because Red Storm deserves a better treatment.

  7. Glad you posted this. I was getting confused seeing how big some of the differences between the manhua and the light novel were. I knew there would be some differences but didn’t expect them to be that big. Glad its cleared up ^.^

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