Red Storm Joins the Fray! Welcome Red Storm & Miracle Rifle!

Wuxiaworld readers, it’s been a while since we’ve promoted a forum story to the main page, and I’m happy to announce that one of them will be one of the last Korean novels we take on in the short term – Red Storm! Red Storm is the story of Yulian, a desert chieftain’s son who founds the titular Red Storm division to avenge his mother and conquer the deserts. Our translator, Miracle Rifle, has already done ~50 chapters on the WW forum and will continue here at roughly five chapters a week! I’ll let him introduce himself, but please join me in a big, warm, Wuxiaworld welcome to Miracle Rifle and Red Storm!

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  1. Welcome!!!
    Red storm is a really good manhwa but while reading it seems like there are some skips..
    Thanks to Miracle Rifle for this translation!!!
    Need to read this to really understand Yulian’s cultivation depth and talent in comprehension….
    Need a fast release for this one!!!

    Thanks for the hard work!!

  2. Sweet! You have no idea how happy this makes me. That was one of the few Korean novels I enjoyed before I stopped reading manga and manhwa. Glad to see it brought to my favorite site to read and leisure around.

  3. This is great! Red Storm was one of the Manhwas I followed closely before I got hooked into reading light novels. Glad to hear I would soon be reading Yulian, this time in Light Novel!!! Hahaha. Just awesome!

  4. I used to really keep up with the manhwa so im definitely going to be reading this do you know when the chapters will catch up to around 200 on the manhwa?

  5. Wow. Just missed visiting the home page of this site for 6 days and see this gem on the news. I’ve been a fan of the manga/manhua/manwa/whatevs but I didn’t know there was a light novel! This is awesome! Thank you and welcome to WW Miracle Rifle! You’re my second favorite miracle rifle now! #nohomo

  6. Welcome thank you for bringing this gem! Been reading Red Storms manhwa for so long now! But it always goes on little breaks (Which is good) but it always leaves me wanting to know more! Also some parts throughout the Manhwa feel like they’re skipped over. The Manhwa also doesn’t seem to show how in depth of Yulians development through training as good as Light novels do which leaves me disappointed at times. Thank you again for bringing this master piece to ww!

  7. After reading the manhwa, I dropped it in early stage because the MC got seemingly a super strong master, then manage to learn a seemingly super strong moves, but then when he was out to do some adventure, everybody he met (your average neighboring warrior from nearby village who doesn’t have a super strong teacher to taught them) is AS STRONG AS him despite they’re locals and never met a super strong master from another dimension like our MC did. So that means he was wasting his time learning from a master when your average joe from opposing village is as strong as the MC after his super training. What a waste of time. The balance seems imbalance.

    1. The average joe that was as strong as him was also way older than him. But yes his master is overpowered and I remember he stopped training MC to leave somewhere after a while. Dropped the Manhua because it became shit after a while ( he was arrange married and stuff)…

      1. I kinda wanna say that he fights to learn. He never uses his demon aura unless his enemy is much stronger then himself, he uses the ‘force’ that is his home planets means of fighting more often then the demon aura and fights people 2 or 3 times his ages pretty often. If he was without rival then whats the point of reading a book like this.

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