Book 3-2.1

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The Moving Pareia

Pareia made the Wikaly instantly become surrounded by shock.

Book 3-2.1 Pareia’s Move

Population 550,000. Out of that, the warriors numbered 80,000.

Fourteen oases.

Twenty Greatest Warrior level warriors. Of them, the Glow himself was unrivaled.

The second strongest in the Western Desert. The third strongest in the entire desert.

That was the objective view of the current Pareia.

But Pareia believed that they were the strongest. There were no other tribes that had a Glow that nobody could stop, as well as twenty Greatest Warrior level warriors.

Red Storm.

Eleven of the Red Storm warriors were at the Greatest Warrior level. And that number should only start to grow from here.

Yulian, although he may not be a match for Venersis, his brigade of warriors, the Red Storm, could easily overwhelm the Desert Sword.

From a while ago, Red Storm could not train with Yulian. It was because Chun Myung Hoon frowned after seeing the Red Storm’s training schedule.

“I will have no face if punks who learned my martial arts are so weak. I will guide you to an acceptable level.”

Yulian was extremely excited at Chun Myung Hoon’s words and Red Storm was full of anticipation.

The sound of the Red Storm warriors getting beat up as well as their screams rang through the desert on their first day of training, but Yulian just smiled, as he had already expected that to happen.

The Red Storm warriors had no choice but to finally figure out how their Glow ended up becoming so strong. Did he really learn martial arts through this extreme amount of attacks?

“You are all weak compared to me.”

At the single sentence that Yulian threw their way, Red Storm could neither laugh nor cry. It was just one thing, the realistic feeling that they were becoming stronger, that made all of them not say a single complaint as they persevered through Chun Myung Hoon’s training.

In Chun Myung Hoon’s point of view, a fun and fresh toy fell in his lap while he was bored and had nothing to do.

These days, since Yulian was starting to become more like a Glow and automatically resonated a sense of respect from the people, it was difficult to lay a hand on him.

The fact that he was the leader of a tribe came first before being his disciple.

But now he had fifty six pseudo-disciples to play around with. Chun Myung Hoon was excited.

Although he could not teach them his full martial arts, he was able to show them the proper way to train, as well as give them individual attention to improve.

If they continue like this, the Red Storm warriors will be able to reach Yulian’s current level in about ten years. Chun Myung Hoon didn’t even think about that as he was so excited.

In his mind, since the desert would only have a total population of 5,000,000 even once it is unified, it should not affect the balance of power in the continent too much.

Once Yulian had the entire quicksand river in his hands, he started to discuss how to attack the Wikaly.

“I am not interested in war strategy, but I do know of a famous saying. If I know myself well, I will not lose. If I know myself and my enemy, it will be an overwhelming victory.”

Chun Myung Hoon slipped in a phrase to Yulian who was worrying about how to attack the Wikaly, and Yulian followed his master’s words.

The number and quality of the Wikaly warriors, the Glow and Greatest Warriors, as well as the chiefs’ relationships with each other, and the strength of each individual oasis. He did not hold back any funds to get information about the Wikaly.

Pareia was starting to finish all of their preparations to attack the Wikaly tribe.

They left 30,000 warriors in the Southern Oasis just in case the Shuarei might attack, and reduced the number of warriors at each of the central oases and gathered them all in the Northern Oasis.

A total of 20,000 warriors.

There was a total of 10,000 warriors prepared on the quicksand river side as well, so the total forces heading to the Wikaly this time was 30,000 warriors.

Once they were gathered, all war preparations were completed.

Since Edwin sent a lot of supplies at the right time, there should really be no problems.

They thought the Wikaly will not see it coming, even in their dreams. For 30,000 warriors to attack them, that is.

That was because it was impossible to deliver supplies for 30,000 warriors without enough materials and warriors dedicated to transporting the items.

This actually might have been the important reason that the desert tribes could never be unified.

They were never able to focus their full attention on one enemy with a large enough force.

But because Pareia had already taken control of the quicksand river, they would have no problems at all with a supply line.

It was because they had changed to a new system where the supply team can immediately turn into the attack team.

Twelfth month of year 255 in the continental calendar.

Yulian finally declared war against the Wikaly and led 30,000 warriors to start the attack.

While Pareia was gathering intel on Wikaly, the Wikaly was doing the same to Pareia. That was why they were able to find out about the war about a month in advance, and use that time to decently prepare.

Once Pareia finally declared war, the Wikaly was in a state of emergency. They had expected Pareia to gather the troops to attack the Shuarei.

The two tribes had been bitter enemies for over 100 years. So the fact that they were the opponents was extremely shocking.

The Wikaly hurriedly moved 30,000 of their total 45,000 warriors to the Southern Oasis to prepare to fend Pareia off.

Thinking about Pareia’s abilities, no matter how many warriors they could gather, they were confident it would not be over 25,000, and they felt like they would be able to fend them off with more warriors.

The Glow of the Wikaly tribe, Gomai Mao, also sent a messenger to the Shuarei, asking them to create some tension in the south.

The most southern oasis of the Wikaly, the Oasis of the Rising Moon, was extremely tense right now.

“How did it go? Abham-nim [1].”

Runa Brink urgently asked Abham, and once Abham shook his head, he started to shout.

“Just what is he thinking? That Glow of ours?”

“Shh. Your voice is too loud. We are not the only ones here.”

Abham pressed his lips with a finger and warned Runa. Runa started to speak as if he was frustrated.

“If we had attacked them last time, it would have been difficult for Pareia to have an overwhelming victory over the Shuarei like they did, and our Wikaly would have a better strategy and the upperhand right now. No, they probably wouldn’t even dream about attacking us right now.”

“Why are you talking about the past? Plus, we already expected Pareia to attack us and have made a lot of preparations. Now it is time to show the things we prepared.”

“There are a lot of problems there as well. Abham-nim, since you have been preparing for so long, you should have been named the Commander. But why are they not leaving the defense of this oasis to the resident Greatest Warrior and to another person? Especially to Ebinong, who only uses his head for his own benefit?”

Abham bitterly smiled as he answered.

“Ebinong is greedy, however, he is still the chief of an oasis as well as someone who managed to reach the level of Greatest Warrior. He has the leadership abilities as well as experience, and is good at finding talent, so he should be able to defend well.”

“That is a story that only works in our Wikaly. The enemy is the Pareia’s Glow, who is called a War God. It is not someone he can handle.”

“Still, it is not like I can do any better……”

“Abham-nim, why are you saying such weak words again? You promised you would not say such things anymore.”

As Runa Brink shouted, Abham moved his hand from top to bottom as he answered.

“That is enough. It is my bad. Although we have prepared for a long time, I guess I curled up in fear without realizing it.”

“Please steady your mind. Without my help, Ebinong will never be able to defeat Pareia. Once Ebinong is defeated, Abham-nim needs to push forward. From that point, we can show them all the things we prepared one by one.”

Abham had a shocked expression as he answered.

“Runa, are you not planning on assisting Ebinong?”

“You are the one I serve, not Ebinong.”

“This is an issue that can affect the entire tribe. We cannot let out personal feelings affect our decisions. Tell Ebinong about everything we have prepared. It is best to use them to defeat Pareia.”

“Abham-nim, do you not have any desires? All of our preparations until now were for Abham-nim. But you plan on just handing it over to him on a platter? If he wins the war that way, do you think he would yield any of the glory to Abham-nim?”

Runa Brink shouted in frustration, but Abham did not budge.

“The tribe comes first before my own benefit. Listen to me.”

Runa Brink stared at Abham as if he was trying to look through him. He really was a difficult lord. But this side of Abham was one of the reasons that Runa could not leave him.

‘No matter what, I want to be with this man. I want to give the desert to this man.’

Abham did not avoid Runa Brink’s gaze, and in the end, Runa was the first to lower his gaze.

“I will listen to Abham-nim’s orders. But since we do not know what may happen, Abham-nim, please keep yourself healthy.”

“Do not worry. I am also a Greatest Warrior. I will not die easily.”

“I did not say it for you to not die easily. Rather, you cannot be injured in the upcoming battles. You know that I have yet to show you my abilities, right?”

“You have overwhelming talent. You just really met the wrong person.”

Abham felt that way at Runa Brink’s words and nodded his head. This subordinate of his that was extremely talented.

“Then I shall go meet up with Ebinong. Since Pareia is at the tip of our nose, he should be at least a bit nervous.”

Runa Brink said goodbye to Abham and quickly ran over to Ebinong’s paoe.

[1] Changed Abram to Abham because Abham is a more proper translation. I should have fixed past instances of his name coming up and it will be Abham from here on!

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