Book 3-1.3

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Book 3-1.3 Funding the Ships (III)

“It is a pleasure to meet you. Welcome to Pareia. I have heard a lot about you from Captain Thriger.”

“It is my honor to meet you, War God of the Western Desert, Desert Conqueror, and Pareia’s Glow, Yulian Provoke-nim.”

Edwin said Yulian’s long name as Thriger taught him and bowed in front of Yulian. Yulian smiled as he offered Edwin a seat. Once they sat down, Yulian started to speak.

“I heard that you are an amazing merchant.”

“I am still just a baby chick so I am in charge of a smaller group within our guild.”

“I know that merchants will not come to the desert unless they are bold. I also trust Captain Thriger’s eyes and words.”

At Yulian’s words, Edwin put on a modest smile as he started to speak.

“Captain Thriger explained a bit of the situation to me on our way over. He told me that the Glow could open up a path to cross the desert.”

“As long as our guest can invest in our Pareia. I do not know much about business, however, I heard that a colossus of the business world is guaranteed to invest in things that will benefit them.”

“I am not at that type of level yet …….”

Seeing Yulian being so frank, Edwin lightly took one step back.

A businessman never rushes. That is the only way to get even a slightly better gain.

“Captain Thriger.”

At that moment, Grace, who had been watching Edwin from next to  Yulian, called out to Captain Thriger who was sitting next to Edwin.

“Yes, Grace-nim.”

“This is different than what you mentioned. Didn’t Captain Thriger-nim say with certainty that the person coming had a significant amount of influence?”

“Yes I did.”

Once Thriger answered, Grace turned her gaze to Edwin and continued to speak.

“But since he is saying he does not have that much influence, wasn’t this a failure? I’m sure Captain-nim also knows that we do not have much time.”

“Of course I am aware.”

“Then shouldn’t you have brought someone who had the power to make the final decision with certainty? We have met with him because of your recommendation, but I also know of many merchants who can make this deal with us……”

Grace’s words were saying do not waste our time and bring us a different merchant, and that even if it was not Edwin, it would not be difficult to find another colossus. In other words, it was a warning to Edwin to not be shrewd


As Yulian called out to Grace as if to scold her, Grace motioned to Yulian that she will be cautious as she answered.

“I am sorry I stepped out of line, Glow. But it does not necessarily have to be a merchant from the Western Continent. There is a colossus I know of in the Eastern Continent, so I was just bringing it up for you to meet with them first.”

Of course there was no chance that Grace would know of a colossus in the business world, but the gaze she gave again to Edwin was definitely giving off an ‘it doesn’t have to be you’ type of vibe.

“Edwin, why are you being like this? Didn’t you tell me that you wanted a trade route that goes through the desert? You told me you would be willing to do anything, willing to pay anything to make that happen!”

As Thriger spoke toward Edwin with disappointment, Edwin also looked toward Grace as he started to think to himself.

‘Who is this? She is so beautiful. If she was a king’s woman in the continent, she would not have the face to speak up in a situation like this.’

Even if it was a wife of a noble, they would say this type of conversation made them confused and not interfere.

But there was something Edwin did not know. The women of the desert prefer strength more than saving face.

As Grace looked back at Edwin and lightly nodded her head and smiled, Edwin started to think again.

‘I guess it is natural for women to be better at bargaining. I cannot take her lightly, but there are no sales without bargaining! I need to slowly roll it my way.’

He was a pro. He could not lose to a woman, especially to a woman who was not even a merchant.

“Of course I am able to make suggestions to our guild, however, I was explaining that the deal needs to be fine-tuned before I am able to suggest it. I hope the Glow and the madame could see it in your hearst to understand merchants are usually this snobbish.”

“Hahaha. Didn’t I say that I trust Captain Thriger’s eyes? Also, seeing as how you are an esteemed guest of our Pareia, please do not lower yourself too much.”

Yulian, who could not tell the current atmosphere between Edwin and Grace started to show a bright smile and worried that Edwin might have been offended.

‘He is a quite innocent King. I guess that is why an individual like Thriger would choose to follow him.’

Edwin bowed his head to Yulian as he started to speak.

“I am a low merchant while the Glow is the leader of the great Pareia. It is normal for me to be this way. In fact, treating me so highly actually is more of a burden. Please speak casually with me.”

Edwin spoke so naturally, as if there was butter on his tongue, and looked toward Thriger before continuing to speak.

“If Captain Thriger had told me earlier, I could have made sure to get permission to make the final decision. I am a bit disappointed about that aspect. However, if we can tune the deal a decent amount, you will not have to worry about that aspect.”

“Then we will not worry. We are the ones to welcome a guest today, after all.”

Edwin felt Yulian’s innocence and friendliness as he answered.

“Then I will start the discussion. What exactly is it you are looking for from our guild?”

Yulian responded in a serious tone.

“Speaking broadly, we need money, gold. If we want to go further into detail, we need the same things you got to build the Desert Runner.”

“I heard you were looking to construct ships. Did you say you needed twelve of them?”

“Yes. But based on what I have heard, it seems the cost is quite large.”

Edwin had already calculated everything when he heard about it on the ship, but he pretended like he was thinking things through for the first time as he moved his finger around on the table.

“As the Glow mentioned, it will cost quite a bit. In addition, to bring over that much material, we will need to pay a higher cost, as well provide as a bigger bribe for when we pass through the border. It really is an enormous amount.”

“And that is why we have brought our guest here today.”


While Edwin was pretending to contemplate, Grace suddenly started to cough.


At Grace’s warning cough, Edwin started to look toward Grace.

“Madame, are you ill?”

“I’m sorry to be like this in the middle of our conversation.”

“Grace, if you are feeling sick, go rest in the paoe.”

As Yulian worriedly answered, Grace instantly erased her smile and started to speak.

“I feel like there is some foreign matter  suddenly in my throat… Glow, can you take me over to our paoe for a bit?”

Yulian was confused as to why Grace, who was just fine, pointed at him to take her there, but since he cherished her very much, he smiled toward Edwin and supported Grace out.

“Foreign matter… is it another warning? But madame, I am a merchant. Shouldn’t you be willing to let me have some level of gain?’

Edwin, who understood the meaning behind Grace’s cough smiled while looking at her as she walked out leaning on Yulian, and Grace turned her head to look at Edwin and lightly smiled again. She did not seem to be sick at all

As Grace was heading to their paoe supported by Yulian, she noticed Chun Myung Hoon and felt lucky. It was the perfect opportunity to get rid of Yulian for a bit.

“Oh, what is going on?”

Chun Myung Hoon, who saw Grace being supported over by Yulian, asked in surprise.

“Grace suddenly mentioned she was not feeling well, so I was taking her to the paoe. Master, are you on your way somewhere?”

“Coughcough. Senior, I remember you mentioning you had something to say to my husband earlier. Did you come here to talk to him about it?”

“Wha? Just what……”

The moment Chun Myung Hoon was about to say something, Grace used her eyes and lips to point to Yulian, and unlike Yulian, Chun Myung Hoon was not clueless.

“Ah, I did. Yulian, come with me for a bit.”

“Where? We have a guest right now.”

“I just need a bit of your time.”

Yulian did not know the reason, but since he could not go against his master’s wishes, he nodded his head and started to speak to Grace.

“Can you go on your own?”

“Ah, I’m feeling better. The foreign matter in my throat must have gone down. I will let the guest know. Senior, you only need about five minutes, right?”

Chun Myung Hoon was laughing inside.

‘She wants me to stall him for about five minutes.’

Chun Myung Hoon thought that way as he nodded his head. Grace winked at him before speaking to Yulian.

“I will tell the guest to wait around five minutes, so hurry up and go.”

“Alright, please apologize on my behalf.”

“I will. Go and quickly come back.”

Once Chun Myung Hoon and Yulian disappeared, Grace quickly ran back to the paoe Edwin was in.

“The Glow?”

Seeing Grace return alone, Thriger asked in surprise.

“He will be back in five minutes. You said your name was Edwin, correct?”

“Yes, madame.”

Grace started to speak with a stern voice and a fiery glare.

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