Book 2-7.4

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Book 2-7.4 The Desert Runner (I)

“You are extremely talented. How did you come up with the idea to domesticate a Sand Dragon?”

Seeing the tone of Thriger’s speech suddenly change, Yulian laughed once more. If it is someone who can think and process that quickly, their conversation should go well.

“It was actually my master who tamed it. Just think about it that way. If you think about my master in human standards, it’ll just give you headaches. Hahahahaha.”

“Then I shall follow your advice. Anyways, let me introduce myself. My name is Thriger McDullah, the captain of the Desert Runner.”

As Thriger extended his hand and introduced himself first, Yulian grabbed his hand and responded back.

“The Desert Runner must be this ship’s name.”

“It is. But may I ask the name of the guest who suddenly showed up and surprised us?”

“Ah, my apologies. I am Yulian Provoke, the Glow of Pareia.”

“Desert Conqueror?”

At Yulian’s introduction, Thriger mentioned a name he was used to hearing. It was the name that was the most discussed in the desert these days.

“I do have such a name as well. Hahaha.”

“It is an honor. Hahaha.”

The two men faced each other as they laughed loudly.

“When you say Pareia, I know of it as a strong tribe in the west, and the young Glow, Desert Conqueror, Yuilan Provoke’s name is the name I heard the most these days.”

“You are giving me too much credit. It is just that those around me are all amazing people. Meeting Captain Thriger of the Desert Runner, which is said to dominate the quicksand river, like this today, makes me feel like my horizon has widened quite a bit.”

The careful reconnaissance.

At this famous young warrior’s tone, Thriger was able to determine that just as he said, there were no ill intentions.

In Yulian’s mind, he was admiring Thriger’s ability to handle going with the flow, and felt that today’s conversation would go well.

“Shall we get to the point?”

As Thriger cautiously asked, Yulian nodded his head and started to speak.

“I hope to share a long conversation with the captain-nim……”

Thriger quickly understood Yuilan’s intentions and shouted to the crew members.

“Alright, everybody, attention on me.”

As the crew members all focused on Thriger, he shouted in a large voice.

“Today, Pareia’s Glow, Yulian-nim, who is known as the War God of the Western Desert, has visited our ship.”

At Thriger’s shout, the crew members’ mumblings stopped. Even they knew that lately, Yulian’s fame was ringing throughout the desert. However, seeing such a person use amazing abilities to suddenly board their ship, they were feeling a bit uncomfortable.

None of the crew on the Desert Runner were ordinary people. After all, the crew members of the Desert Runner were people who were not born in the desert, but still lived in the desert.

All of them were people who ran away to the desert from their individual countries because of different reasons. Some had family members with them, and some didn’t, but they were all loyal to this lifestyle.

However, the fact that a famous figure called the Desert Conqueror appeared in front of them made it certain that there will be large changes to their lives. It was even possible that he was pressured by one of the kingdoms to arrest them.

Seeing fear in the majority of the crew members’ eyes, Thriger knew what they were thinking and shouted again.

“Everyone, do not cause any issues and focus on your jobs. As you know, the desert warriors, especially the Glow, who is the chief of a tribe, do not lie. Since Yulian-nim has stated that he has no ill intentions, do not worry about useless things. Just as you all trusted me until now, trust me again. Oh, and that Sand Dragon that is following us is ……apparently a pet, so make sure you do not shoot a Volley Star toward it again.”

On a ship, the word of the captain is law. Although all of the crew members treated Thriger casually, they were so loyal that if he had told them to jump into the quicksand, they would do so without any hesitation.

As everybody returned to their spots, Thriger pointed to the door leading to the captain’s quarters as he started to speak.

“Shall we go talk inside?”

“Wherever is best for you, captain.”

“But what about that old man you called master?”

“Do not worry about him. He will only look around until he satisfies his curiosity.”

At Yulian’s response, Thriger ushered Yulian into the captain’s quarters.

Thriger offered Yulian a seat, and once Yulian sat down, he sat down as well before starting to speak.

“How is it that someone who cannot leave their seat made their way all the way out here?”

His actions and tone from when they were on the deck completely disappeared, and Thriger started to speak courteously to Yulian. At this change, Yulian thought it was odd.

“A captain needs authority, but cannot have the crew thinking he is too difficult. Plus, since all of us have strong camaraderie with one another, it is easier to be casual with one another.”

Thriger smiled and explained, as if he knew what Yulian was thinking. Yulian spoke as if he accepted Thriger’s reasoning.

“I have a lot to learn.”

“Haha. The Desert Runner only has 100 crew members. It is possible because we are such a small group.”

Yulian smiled as he answered.

“Honestly, it has not been long since I learned about this ship can can travel across the quicksand river so easily. Once I heard the story of the Desert Runner, I came here to complete a picture in my head.”

“Can you tell me about that picture? Glow Yulian-nim.”

“Sure. The Desert Runner crew members have family, and will need to rest on the ground. Where is your base?”

Yulian’s question was something that was difficult for Thriger to answer. If you think about the situation of the crew members, it made sense why.

“You are asking a difficult question. I trust you when you say you have no ill intentions, but the world tends to make things complicated for people even without ill intentions.”

Thriger courteously avoided the answer, but Yulian continued on.

“That base, I want to make that base for you in Pareia. I want you to have somewhere that is safer than anywhere else, and a place you can be comfortable in and treat as your own country.”


Thriger’s expression suddenly stiffened. His head started to circulate trying to determine the true intent behind Yulian’s words.

“If we can have a base in a strong tribe like Pareia, we would be safe from external issues. But I do not believe the Glow will let us do it for free.”

“Do not overthink it. I want to create a warrior brigade that moves across the quicksand river. Something like this Desert Runner that moves extremely quickly, and has the strength and durability to laugh at the likes of Sand Dragons. In order to do that, I need help from someone with experience.”

Thriger silently looked toward Yulian without responding, and Yulian did not avoid the gaze and looked right back.

“Is that the Glow-nim’s picture?”

Once Thriger opened his mouth a bit later, Yulian nodded his head.

“I will not stop at the Pareia’s Glow. I believe that the captain knows about how the desert is pressured by the forces of the continent.”

“Developed culture. Safe food supply. Abundant resources. The explosive population. Those are the things the strong powers of the continents have in common. In comparison, the population of the desert is low because of the poor environment. I hear that Rivolde, the largest desert tribe, only has the population of a small country on the continent. But the desert warriors are strong. Even our average warriors are the level of the continent’s knights. Since our entire life is pretty much a war, we had no choice but to become strong.”

“But the number of warriors is low. The desert is one tribe but divided into many, so it is even less. That is why the powers of the continent try to meddle.”

“That is a bit surprising that the desert tribes allow such indignity.”

Yulian answered as if it wasn’t much.

“It is because I am the Glow. The warriors should not hold back, but the Glow needs to hold back.”

Yulian’s casual answer hit Thriger hard. Thriger felt that this young leader of a tribe had wisdom and communication skills reserved for those much greater in age. He even suspected that this was actually a much older Glow.

“I suppose so. If you are the leader of a group, you need to do so.”

“But I am also a man of the desert. A warrior. I cannot let this type of indignity continue for a long time. That was why I made up my mind. I will make it so that nobody will be able to look down on the desert. I will unify the desert so that the powers of the continent need to walk on eggshells around the desert.

Thriger felt like Yulian’s body was glowing. He could feel a fire coming from Yulian’s words. He knew it wasn’t real, but his senses did not listen. That was why his heart was fluttering.

“I would like to see a more detailed picture.”

Thriger calmed his fluttering heart and started to speak.

“Please describe the Glow’s picture for me.”

Yulian started to share the things that were on his mind.

His plans to use the quicksand river as a supply route, as well as to transport warriors.

Using the benefits of having an area that other tribes cannot reach to set the foundation for unifying the desert.

Yulian’s passion started to overwhelm the captain’s quarters. Thriger could not help but be a prisoner to Yulian’s passion while he was explaining.

That was Yulian’s charm and his greatest strength.

This was the scariest power of a leader.

“The ship’s construction as well as the training of the warriors. My hope is that captain Thriger will take all of that on. As for the necessary materials to build the ships, we will get you as much as you need.”

Once Yulian’s impassioned speech ended, Thriger sat there blankly before answering without thinking.

“To give us a base means you plan on holding our families captive.”

“It is normal to protect the families of Pareia’s warriors…is the more accurate expression. The moment captain Thriger and the crew members make up their minds, you will all become Pareia’s warriors. I do not know where your base is, but I am confident Pareia will be much safer and comfortable than anywhere else.”

“If we refuse……”

As Thriger slowly asked, Yulian stared right at Thriger before answering.

“You will remain as an extremely fearful existence to Pareia.”

Thriger knew the meaning of those words. He didn’t realize that the value of their existence would be so high. They just quietly accepted the runaways from the continent as crew members, and wanted to live in peace.

But after hearing Yulian’s speech, he realized that the one to take control of this quicksand river would pretty much take control of the center of the desert.

Although he wouldn’t know if this young Glow didn’t say anything, the fact that Yulian shared all of his plans with Thriger meant that they would not be a comfortable existence for Pareia, and that they would become Pareia’s enemy the moment they refused.

If it was this Glow and that old man outside, it was certain that they could destroy the crew easily.

“I am the captain, but it is not something I can decide on my own. Will you give me some time to discuss it with the crew and our families? Please give us one month. We will decide within a month and head toward the part of the quicksand river closest to Pareia. Whether that is to accept or decline.”

At Thriger’s words, Yulian did not stop staring at him. After staring for a bit, he turned his gaze away and responded.

“I will trust captain Thriger’s wise decision.”

Yulian and Thriger shared another handshake.

The Desert Runner was quickly moving across the quicksand river.

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