Book 2-6.3

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Book 2-6.3 The Provoke Family (III)


The noise of a large greatsword cut through the morning air.


Yulian took a deep breath in before putting back his two greatswords.

It made him feel like his mind was becoming clear. The many events of yesterday instantly flooded his mind.

‘Everything went well. Since I tightened the loosened string, our family should return to the happiness we used to have.’

Grace’s internal burdens. Pere’s issue. The emotional dealings with Orca.

There shouldn’t be any other issues. He will get his brothers married quickly, and once they all have children, this extremely quiet household will be full of life again.

‘Anyways, I wonder if Trebol and Prada successfully completed the plan. Pere is going to throw a fit once he knows he’s been taken advantage of.

But if it was successfully completed, it was already spilt water, spoken words.



At that moment, Pere was huffing and puffing while walking over to Yulian with his shamshir. Yulian was shocked, but put on a calm expression as he waved toward Pere.

“Pere, you are here. Did you come here to do some morning training as well?”

Pere’s two eyes were burning as he started to speak.

“Hyung-nim, be honest with me. You were the one who hit me from behind and knocked me unconscious yesterday, weren’t you?”

“What are you talking about? Who made who faint?”

Yulian was feeling guilty, but he worked hard to keep a calm expression.

“How many warriors in the vicinity can knock me out with a single hit?”

“I really have no idea what you are talking about. Did something happen?”

“Stop lying to me.”

As Pere kept insisting, Yulian wondered just how Pere knew. But he lifted his gaze to the sky as he started to speak.

“The sky is very clear today. Did you have a terrible nightmare last night or something? Why are you nagging at your brother like this for no reason from so early in the morning?”


“Hmph, what are you doing?”

Yulian urgently avoided the shamshir flying his way as he shouted.

“Please be honest with me. It was you who knocked me unconscious and sent me to Greatest Warrior Trebol’s paoe, wasn’t it!”

“Why would I knock you unconscious for no reason and send you to someone else’s paoe? Did you go to Greatest Warrior Trebol’s paoe to play?”

As Yulian played dumb until the end, Pere started to roll his feet.

“Hyung-nim, you really didn’t knock me unconscious and send me there?”

“Are you perhaps coming from his residence right now? Why would you leave your perfectly fine paoe and spend the night at his? You, perhaps ……?”

There was only so much that could be a coincidence. Pere was certain that the person who knocked him unconscious was his brother.

Even if he was intoxicated, there were not many people in this oasis that could knock him out with a single hit.

“Did you have a reason to sleep in Greatest Warrior Trebol’s paoe? You haven’t fallen for his daughter, have you? Oh, why are you turning red? Is that really it?”

At Yulian’s words, Pere’s face started to turn even redder. Pere was about to go crazy. Why was it that when he woke up, he was completely naked and laying on someone else’s bed? And why was it that next to him was a woman he had seen only once in his life? He couldn’t understand any of it.

He quickly put on his clothes and ran out like he was running away, and as he thought hard on his way here, he felt like he fell for someone’s plan. But with the responsible parties claiming innocence, how could he not be going crazy?

“Hmm, it must be the truth. I did hear the rumor that you like Greatest Warrior Trebol’s daughter; why didn’t you tell me sooner? It would have been better to formally request to date her and marry her. Why were you so rushed?”

At Yulian’s words, Pere really went crazy. Now his brother was trying to completely throw the blame on him.


Pere shouted loudly as he started to swing his shamshir.

Watching the swordplay of the two brothers, many of the warriors just thought that the brothers really went hard at their morning training.

“Congratulations, Pere-nim. Now that Pere-nim is getting married, our household should start to get loud.”

At Grace’s words, Pere just let out a long sigh and lowered his head. It was not that he had no plans to get married, but he at least wanted to marry a woman he liked. It was true that he was looking for a woman who was as good as his sister-in-law.

‘But for it to be that troublemaker. She does not match well with me at all.’


Not caring at all about Pere who was sighing again, Grace just continued to talk.

“It is not a lie to say it has been quite a lot to handle for me as the only woman in the family. But as the hostess of the family, I will make sure your wedding is very marvelous. Since Pere-nim’s name is known throughout the desert, there should be a lot of guests. There are many things to get ready.”

Grace continued to chatter away about how to change up the paoe and what to change with the household chores, etc etc, as if she was really excited.

“Thank you for the meal.”

“Omo, are you not hungry? Or does the food taste weird? Why did you only eat that much?”

“I do not have much of an appetite. Then I shall make my leave first.”

As Pere got up and left, Grace had a look of confusion as she looked toward Yulian, and then turned her gaze to Orca.

“Now we only have young master Orca-nim left. Next year, young master Orca-nim will be an adult as well. You should start preparing for it.”

Seeing Grace’s interest turn to him, Orca started to flinch as he looked toward Grace. His sister-in-law had this magic about her that made you feel like you couldn’t go against her word.

‘If the second sister-in-law is like first sister-in-law, my future days will be difficult……’

Orca continued to peek at Grace, and using the moment she put some food in her mouth, he quickly ran outside.

“Thank you for the meal.”

“Ah! Orca-nim!”

Grace had more to say, but seeing Orca run away like that, she looked toward her husband.


Yulian laughed loudly before speaking.

“Do not take it to heart. They just left because they were embarrassed. Kekeke.”

“Why is it embarrassing when it is normal for a man to be married? What will I do when our young masters are so shy like this? In the future, they will have four to five wives each. I’m very worried.”


Seeing Yulian being extremely surprised at Grace’s words, Grace gave him a ‘why are you so surprised’ expression as she continued.

“To be a man you need at least that many. Our tribe is especially bad when it comes to the ratio between warriors and women.”

Yulian peeked toward Grace as he asked.

“Honey … that’s not the case… for me, is it?”

“Of course it is. You are the Glow, so we will need it for diplomatic reasons as well. Do not worry about my jealousy. It is not that I don’t have the desire or greed to keep you to myself, but this Grace is not such a small-minded woman like that.”

‘O, Neo Latin……’

Yulian sought out the guardian in his mind as he spoke.

“I know you are worried, but didn’t we decide to take that slowly yesterday?”

That is why I am only telling you. If you find a girl you like somewhere, feel free to bring her home. I do need to make sure she has a decent personality and acts properly. Although I won’t be able to do anything about it if you get her pregnant before the wedding.”

“Honey, just what kind of person do you see me … sigh~!”

Yulian let out a deep sigh and decided to stop there. The weakness of the men in this house was that the more they talked, the more they fell into Grace’s rhythm.

Yulian didn’t know what was making Grace so happy that she was humming as she started to clean the breakfast spread.

Grace was the conqueror of the Provoke family.

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