Book 2-6.2

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Book 2-6.2 The Provoke Family (II)

It hasn’t even been a couple hours since Grace was urging him to get Pere and Orca married, so something like this was really what you would call raining when you wanted a bath [1].

After talking for a while and making a large but not too deep trap, the men hid their bodies all over the place.

Since they needed to shoot the Sleep Pin once he fell into the trap, they could not go far.

Yulian and Trebol’s five warriors waited like that for Pere to show up, and after they had been feeling bored for a long time, they could hear someone heading over. It was the person they had been waiting for. Pere.


He must have really drank a lot since he was swaying as he was walking and letting out long groans.

Everybody calmed their breathing and waited, and Pere slowly approached the front of the paoe. The moment he slipped in the trap, the five men ran toward him with the blow dart in their mouths.


Pere let out a loud grunt as he spun his body around and reached his arm forward to touch the ground.


Pere turned his body as he fell to avoid the trap and stood up on the spot.

Pew. Pew. Pew. Pew. Pew.

The five Sleep Pins that the men shot all flew toward Pere, but Pere, who had already avoided the trap, moved his body so that they all missed. All of them turned extremely pale.

“Who are you!”

Pere felt himself becoming completely sober and took out his shamshir. The five warriors were nervous and didn’t know what to do.

It was at that moment.


Someone appeared behind Pere and struck him on the head.


Pere made a groan before falling forward and losing his consciousness.

“Who are you?”

The five warriors gasped as they headed toward Pere and surrounded him as if they were going to protect him. All of them were looking toward the person who struck Pere from behind.

“What are you doing? Hurry up and take him.”


The person responsible for hitting Pere and making him faint was none other than Yulian.

The men were even more surprised and looked toward Yulian, as Yulian started to smile and continued to speak.

“Didn’t I ask you what you were doing? Hurry up and take him.”

One of the men started to shake and spoke in a shaky voice.

“Glow… you see… the truth is … we are not trying to harm Pere-nim … well……”

“I already know so hurry up and take him. Tell Greatest Warrior Trebol and his daughter that they must succeed. Oh, and we must keep the details of today a complete secret. Pere will throw a fit if he finds out.”

At Yulian’s words, the men looked at each other before they all showed expressions of joy.

The moment things were about to go wrong, didn’t he help them successfully complete their mission?

“Thank you.”

“Hide Pere’s shamshir beforehand. He might start to swing as soon as he wakes up.”

“We understand, Glow.”

The men were giddy as they grabbed Pere and took him away. Yulian just laughed one more time.

‘I guess this takes care of one issue. Now what to do about Orca?’

Yulian started to head toward Orca’s paoe deep in thought. His younger brother must have a lot on his mind lately.

“Orca, are you here?”

As Yulian called out from outside Orca’s paoe, he felt movement inside the paoe before Orca came out.

“Hyung-nim, what brings you here?”

There was no change to Orca’s appearance. His body looked weak and his face was very skinny.

Yulian had a compassionate gaze as he put his hand on Orca’s shoulder.

“Does a hyung need a reason to visit his younger brother? It makes me very sad.”

“Of course not. Please come on in.”

Yulian entered the paoe and looked around. Just like Orca’s personality, it was very clean with all sorts of tools and books related to becoming a shaman neatly organized.

“Have you decided to properly learn incantations?”

At Yulian’s question, Orca offered Yulian a seat as he answered.

“I do not have the strength that the hyung-nims have, so shouldn’t I do at least something like this to prove the worth of my existence?”

Yulian became extremely angry at Orca’s response.

“What kind of thing are you saying as a man? If you have something to say, say it properly? Did I treat you terribly?”

“Of course not. Who is the one that let this Orca live? I heard many of the chiefs recommended my banishment from the tribe.”

“Orca, you ……”

Yulian hesitated as he did not know what to say. It was true that the chiefs recommended that he banish Orca. Orca did not know about it, and although he knew nothing of the plot, in the end, it was the alcohol that he brought that killed Glow Baguna. Because of that, it was natural for him to be banished.

Although it can be said that the sins were washed away by the death of Librie, the responsible party, and Duripue, the head of the family, all of Orca’s maternal family took part in the rebellion. Because a rebellion was the greatest of sin you could commit as it shook the entire tribe, the chiefs thought they should use this incident to set an example.

Yulian told them it was absolutely not possible, and Pere glared at the chiefs recommending Orca’s banishment to end the discussion. Nonetheless, there were still a lot of people looking at Orca with not so nice gazes.

Orca did not make eye contact with Yulian as he spoke.

“I heard you forgave all of my family members as well. You told them to serve as warriors and cleanse away this sin with their own merits. I know many chiefs are treating them like sinners.”

“Orca, that ……”

“Honestly, their thoughts are not wrong, and if I was in Hyung-nim’s shoes, I might have gone past banishment and ordered my death.


At Orca’s words, Yulian could not hold back anymore and lifted his hand to strike Orca’s cheek very hard. Orca’s lips started to bleed as a result.

“Are you alone? Who dares to mess with you? Your two hyungs are alive and well like this. And did you think your hyungs are terrible people who were afraid of their younger brother and needed to banish him?”

As Yulian huffed and shouted at Orca, Orca lowered his head.

“If you resent me, tell me you resent me. However, you must accept that I tried to keep my promise with you. Librie … she … even I could not prevent her from taking such actions. You know all of that, so why are you tormenting your hyung like this? Are your insides all twisted?”

“I have always been twisted like this so hyung-nims can stop caring about me. Someone like me will never dare to challenge either of you anyways. So do not show me any interest.”


Yulian really couldn’t hold back and smacked Orca’s cheek again and got up from his seat and started to beat Orca up. Internally, he knew he should not be doing this, but he could not hold back without hitting him.

“What is the problem? Did I tell you to pretend that you were dead? Was Pere mean to you? Stop showing you any interest? Who else do you have? Other than Pere and me, who else is your blood? A man should not be so twisted that you make your hyung so miserable. How much more must I hit you for you to snap out of it?”

Yulian word vomited his discontent as he continued to hit Orca, and Orca just let Yulian hit him without any resistance.


Orca suddenly started to laugh.

“Fine. You are really considering your hyung to be a fool. Fine, I will hit you some more. I will hit you until you snap out of it.”

Yulian’s punching started to become stronger, yet Orca still just continued to get hit.

He didn’t even lift his arm to pretend to cover his body. He was just like a doll, letting Yulian hit him.

Orca’s nose started to bleed and both of his cheeks were swollen. He also had bruises all over his body.

He was beat up so bad, but this was the first time Orca really felt alive in a long time. Since his mother passed away, with people looking at him with sharp and disgusted glares, Orca really felt like he had died.

But right now, as his brother was beating him up, Orca could feel that he was really still alive.

His brother was always direct. He never hid his emotions.

That must be the reason.

Maybe he was waiting for his brother to beat him up like this because he himself thought he was twisted and dead.

Orca started to tear up before he started to cry.

“Ugh…sob sob sob.”

“Why are you crying? Is it because it hurts? Is it because I hit you like this? Just why are you crying? I want to cry too. I want to cry because it makes me think I have been terrible to make you like this.”

“Hyung … Hyung … oo oo oo ……”

Orca called out to Yulian while tears continued to drop from his eyes.

Yulian lost all of his strength.

As the oldest son, as the head of the family, he didn’t know what to do with this youngest brother of his.

How lovable did this brother of his used to be?
Just how much did he like him in the past?

Orca used to follow him everywhere while calling him hyung. But he would have never expected that his brother was feeling this hurt.

“What am I to do? How should I treat you? You tell me. What should this hyung do?”

“Hyung-nim … Yulian hyung-nim……”

Orca just continued to cry.

“You little punk, answer me.”

Yulian embraced Orca. Tears started to fall from Yulian’s eyes as well and he was crying interally.

“I am your hyung. One of only two who share your blood. You have no reason whatsoever to treat me like this. Share all of your complaints and sorrows with me. This hyung will take it all. In return, never say anything that’ll tear my heart again. If you do, I will not easily forgive you at that time.”

“Sorry … I’m really sorry, hyung-nim……”

Yulian put more strength in his arms that were hugging his youngest brother and started to pat his back.
[1] It basically means getting more than you ask for.

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