Book 2-5.7.5 Author’s Thoughts

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Book 2-5.7.5.

  • About War

2. The ratio of the wounded versus the killed in war

In the majority of novels, once a war is over, if 10,000 went against 10,000, they often use phrases that show how many of the enemy was killed.

But truthfully speaking, I think the ratio of killed versus the wounded was about 1:1. If you say that 10,000 were killed, then there were probably about 10,000 wounded as well.

In wars of the past, they did not have weapons with absolute killing power like guns and missiles. They used spears, swords, and arrows, so would they really have died from a single hit?

Even in today’s war, the ratio is said to be 6:4, so in a fantasy or martial arts novel like this, the ratio in war is probably 5:5 or even 4:6. In those times, the people themselves were considered a part of a nation’s power, so it doesn’t make sense for them to kill all of the wounded. It would have made more sense to take them as prisoners, turning them into their citizen and enlisting them as one of their warriors.

That is why I reflect the same in my writing.

If you have an overwhelming victory in a battle, you will end up with almost as many prisoners as enemies killed.

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    1. Wouldn’t that be neat. Undead warriors who cannot feel pain. Since they are in the desert, would they be the brown walkers instead of the white walkers?

      But in all reality, I think the numbers were just examples and the author probably shouldn’t have used the same number again. If the enemy has 30,000 warriors, and you manage to kill 10,000, you probably wounded another 10,000 is probably a better way of saying it.

    1. I agree. People feared to meet the doctor than the enemy and, if they got wonded, some of them wanted to keep going and die in battle than return to get treated that is becase they didn’t exactly know if they were going to die in battle, but if you were hurt there was a good chance to get a long and painful death. There were not anti-biotics after all.

  1. If Red Storm was modelled on the rise of the Mongol empire then most of the male prisoners with fighting capabilities would have been decapitated and numerous small mountains would be built up from their heads. Whereas the women, children, some tradesmen and academics of the defeated nation would be absorbed into the empire itself.

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