Book 2-5.4

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Book 2-5.4 Venersis Moves (III)

“Someone is coming.”

Before the subordinate warrior had said anything, Venersis had already been paying attention to that direction for ten minutes.


He was always like this on the battlefield.

This intuition that he could not understand. And the thrill that went through his whole body.

That was how he could see further than anybody on the battlefield, and when he felt a sense of nervousness and ordered his troops to prepare for an ambush even though everything seemed fine, the enemy always showed up.

The reason Venersis was never ambushed or surrounded by the enemies was because of this intuition.

But was it just that?

He had the necessary leadership and commanding abilities to use that intuition on the battlefield, as well as the boldness to charge against even a thousand enemies if he knew he needed to get past them. He also had the skills to support his crazy boldness, as well as the fifty-ish members of the Desert Sword covering his back.

In another words, this was Venersis, the War God of the Western Desert, the man who had every skill necessary in war.

It looked like a yellow dust cloud was being created as the messenger warrior hurriedly reported to Venersis.

“I give my greetings to Greatest Warrior Venersis. I have come with a situation report from my Greatest Warrior, Porangso-nim.”


“The strength of the Pareia tribe is too much that it will be difficult to last past the night, so Porangso-nim asked you to arrive even a bit faster if possible. He will do whatever he can to hold on until midnight, so he would like it if you could arrive before then and can work together from the inside and out.”

Venersis started to frown after hearing the messenger warrior’s message and responded.
“You are telling me they have already attacked so far? Just how did Porangso lead that the enemy pushed forward at normal walking pace without any resistance?”

The messenger warrior was shaking as he answered.

“It is because the Pareia’s Glow has led tens of warriors and run amok that Porangso-nim alone could not fend off all of the other Greatest Warriors.”

Even at the messenger warrior’s excuse, Venersis did not stop frowning.

Even if that was the case, this speed of progression was too much.

‘Porangso is one of the Greatest Warriors with a lot of charisma and decent commanding abilities; I can’t understand how he was pushed back so much. Are you telling me that her son that I let go last time is that strong?’

Venersis stopped moving for a moment to think.

‘It is half a day’s distance. Even if we push forward as fast as we can, we will still arrive late in the night. Plus, if we rush like that, the warriors and pirmas will be extremely fatigued.’

No matter how much he thought about it, Venersis thought it would not be possible to make it there by midnight and started to speak.

“Take this message to Porangso. No matter how much the enemy provokes him, only focus on defense, using the old moon’s formation – have him refer to the new moon as well – and to hold on even if all of them are killed. If he can somehow last until dawn, I will save him.”

The messenger warrior wanted to say they could not last that long as much as he wanted to ask for water, but his mission was quickly delivering the messages between Greatest Warriors. He quickly started to return using the same path he took to get here.

“We will increase our movement speed a bit.”

Venersis commanded the troops as he started to slightly increase the speed of his pirma first.

Around the time two moons were up in the sky, Pareia started their attack on the oasis. As planned, Yulian and Egane led 10,000 warriors to the part of the desert they expected the Shuarei to come from.

Once all three moons were up, Pareia’s warriors had set up on top of a large sand dune, waiting for the Shuarei’s reinforcements to arrive.

Although their morale was extremely high, the fact that the enemy was Venersis, and the burden that they had to do a Night Battle against such a person, made them all quiet and nervous.

“The warriors are nervous.”

Yulian had gone around to boost the warriors’ confidence and patrol the area, and reported to Egane what he saw.

“It is normal. Even the warriors know that nobody has fought head to head against Venersis in around 10 years.”

“Is it the same for you, Greatest Warrior Egane?”

At Yulian’s question, Egane lifted his sleeve and showed it to Yulian before answering.

“Look. I even have goosebumps from the thrilling nervousness. However, I am not afraid. It is because I am full of anticipation.”

“This is different than the normally calm Greatest Warrior Egane. For you to be this nervous before the battle even starts.”

“It is experience. It is always the same experience, but this nervousness never goes away. I will finally put this damn nervousness to rest with the Glow today.”

Yulian realized from Egane’s words that nervousness was a burden close enough to fear.

“We must make them have the same experience. We will make them feel exactly how we are feeling whenever they see our Pareia.”

“I feel a bit better hearing the Glow’s words.”

“Venersis is also a human. He may have the strength that everyone in the desert knows about, but I am confident that I will not lose to anybody that is not my master. As my master mentioned, I did not learn a weak martial art.”

As Yulian smiled and spoke as if trying to release the knot in Egane’s heart a bit, Egane also smiled back.

“I believe you. I never heard anything about how Venersis took down a Sand Dragon on his own.”

While the two of them shared a couple words and then called the lead warriors and Red Storm over to tell them a couple of things, they heard a loud cheer from the side of the oasis.

“He must have taken the oasis. Trebol, this friend finished faster than I expected.”

“It is a good sign.”

“Of course. Thanks to that, the warriors here can feel less pressur…….”

It was the moment Egane was speaking.

A crazily blowing murderous aura and pressure crashed into them from the front.


Yulian and Egane looked at each other at the same time and urgently returned the lead warriors to their spots.

“I guess this is the beginning.”

Yulian nodded his head and kicked the pirma to go do his part.


The Red Storm warriors followed behind Yulian.

“Glow, be careful!”

Egane shouted from behind him, and Yulian lifted one greatsword high in the air instead of responding.

Leaving Pareia’s army behind them, Yulian and the Red Storm warriors stepped forward, and Venersis and his Desert Sword came out from the Shuarei’s side.

The wind was blowing. Not a natural wind but a wind caused by the strength of their force as well as the passion of the warriors.

That wind crashed around the area where Yulian and Venersis were standing.

Then, the two people hallucinated that the battlefield became extremely small, with just the two of them standing alone in this vast desert.

It was the first time Yulian and Venersis both felt this sensation.

There was no need for words.

These two warriors, who both had the title of War God, pushed their pirma forward toward each other at the exact same time.


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