Book 2-5.2

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Book 2-5.2 Venersis Moves (I)

Yulian dodged with fear, only to find a giant ditch exactly where he had been standing.

“Have you become senile as well? Are you trying to kill me with that?”

“Oh? I paid so much attention to help you become a decent human for the past ten years to the point that I even have grey hair on my head, but now that you have some skills you challenge your master?”

“It’s normal to get grey hair as you age, and although I have never said it, how many people do you think can persevere even with your assault? If it wasn’t me, they wouldn’t have made it as far as I have.”

“Die, you little punk!”

As Chun Myung Hoon stretched out his hand, the ground caved in and furniture started to fly around. Soon, the paoe was filled with dust and the debris from the broken furniture.

The two Greatest Warriors who were speechless at the conversation and actions of the master-disciple duo looked at each other before quickly getting in between them.

“Senior, please calm down. Aren’t all disciples a little bit like this? He is still the Glow by name, he is only talking back because you are scolding him in front of his subordinates. The wise senior should hold back.”

As the smart Trebol quickly grabbed Chun Myung Hoon’s arm and tried to calm him down, Chun Myung Hoon cleared his throat before he spoke.

“Yes, I must hold back. I keep telling myself that but it is just too difficult. I showed you all something embarrassing.”

“Not at all. My horizons have been widened at senior’s heaven defying abilities. My desire to learn senior’s abilities are as plentiful as the sand in the desert.”

Yulian spoke at that point.

“Oh master, Grace was looking for you. She said she managed to cook following the method of that place you call China.”

Chun Myung Hoon’s ears perked up.

Chun Myung Hoon didn’t care too much about food, but the majority of the food here was bland and pretty much nothing was fried.

When Chun Myung Hoon first arrived, he couldn’t pay attention to something like that because there were no women around Yulian, but Grace was a good girl and asked him all sorts of questions before finding out that he didn’t like the food of the desert. She then asked even more questions to figure out what he liked and was currently trying to recreate it.

“Such a good girl. Very good girl. I wish you were even half as good as your wife.”

Chun Myung Hoon could already feel himself starting to salivate. It was funny if you thought about it, but Chun Myung Hoon was also a human with memories about his hometown.

What could he do to not miss it?

“Since that young one has worked so hard on my behalf, I must hurry over.”

“I will escort you there. But is that Chinese food really that good?”

“Are you joking? Once you try it, you will only want to eat that. At first the food here was bearable, but after eating some seasoned food on the continent, I have not been able to adjust back yet.”

“Please. Let us head over. Now that you mention it, I believe she also has some alcohol called wine that was a present from the continent.”

“Are you talking about the fruity alcohol? It’s not very refreshing, but it is still pretty decent.”

“Please lead the way. I’m sure Grace is waiting for us.”

Chun Myung Hoon and Yulian stood right next to each other, as if they never fought, and walked out of the paoe. Once they left, Trebol started to talk to Egane.

“Did you see that?”

Nod. Nod.

“It’s amazing.”

Nod. Nod.

“He is an old man we must never anger.”

“We must protect ourselves.”

The two warriors had quickly figured out the type of person Chun Myung Hoon was.

The news of the Shuarei’s total defeat shocked all of the tribes in the desert, but the ones to receive the greatest shock was of course the recipients, the Shuarei.

A messenger hurried back to ask for reinforcements and to inform them of the urgent situation.

Hangry, the Shuarei’s Glow, hurriedly called over warriors from the individual oasis, and had no choice but to call Venersis back as well.

While the Shuarei were busy with that, Pareia managed to take back the Bushy Oasis, and continued on to the Oasis of Many Puddles. When the Shuarei heard about Pareia’s advances, they couldn’t help but become anxious.

The total number of warriors the Shuarei had were approximately 70,000.

With their original numbers similar to Pareia’s, hearing that a mere 5,000 survived this last battle out of the 20,000 they sent, were making the Shuarei go crazy.

Since they didn’t manage to deal much damage to Pareia, they needed at least 10,000 warriors in reinforcement to take them on. With the minimum warriors necessary to protect each oasis being around 3,500, it would not be wrong to say that these 10,000 reinforcement warriors were all the Shuarei had to offer.

If this reinforcement army ended up losing as well, they needed to be prepared to at least lose 3 or 4 oasis.

But nobody was thinking that the worst case scenario like that would happen.

The War God of the Western Desert, the ‘Bloodied Hand’ Venersis, had arrived at Shuarei’s largest oasis.

Venersis asked for the situation as soon as he arrived, and started to determine the level of the gathered warriors. He then commanded this and that regarding their supplies, and then started a strategy meeting with the lead warriors and the Greatest Warrior who would go to war with him.

When every minute counted, seeing Venersis look like he was taking his time, Hangry and the other Greatest Warriors urged him to hurry up and lead the army, but each time, Venersis just gave them a ‘You all caused this to happen’ type of gaze and did not give a damn about what they wanted. This made them extremely angry, but they could not go against Venersis’s will at this point.

What can they do when they needed to rely on him?

Venersis was able to prepare everything the way he wanted. And then he finally started to move.

Many warriors came to watch him leave. Glow Hangry was among the group as well.

“We hope you can bring victory to Shuarei.”

Venersis sighed internally at Hangry’s words. The reason he was so pushy about him leading the army and not Recharei was because he was worried it would end up like this.

He was frustrated and annoyed, but this was still his Glow.

Venersis bowed to Hangry before getting on the pirma.

“Sweep away Pareia’s weak warriors.”

Listening to one of the Greatest Warriors who had been disagreeing with everything he said at the last meeting, Venersis looked at him before saying:

“Why don’t you try sweeping them?”

The warrior’s face became extremely red, and Venersis snorted as he started to move.

The Desert Sword followed after him.

“Have the reinforcements arrived?”

Porangso asked the patrol warrior who arrived as he continued to pace inside the paoe.

“They were preparing to leave as I started to head over, so if they proceed quickly, they should arrive within a day.”

“One day … one day. The oasis might fall even tonight. We have managed to hold on thanks to the ditches and the fence, but we do not know when it will fall. Ride back the way you came and inform Venersis. Please tell him to move the troops faster, so that he can arrive by evening and protect the oasis.”

“As you command.”

Once the patrol warrior left, Porangso pushed down on his aching head with both hands.

When they lost 10,000 warriors, he thought they would no longer be able to aim for Pareia’s weak spot.

Furthermore, with many warriors and even Greatest Warrior Recharei ending up captive, he couldn’t even imagine how much ransom they would need to pay to get them back.

It would probably be a substantial amount. They might even need to offer up an entire oasis for them.

Porangso and Mabis tried their best to lead the warriors the next day against Pareia’s advances, but with Pareia’s morale as high as it could be and the Shuarei’s as low as possible, there was a significant difference between the abilities of the two armies.

Plus, with that nightmare, Pareia’s young new Glow, running amok with his fifty or so warriors, there was nobody in Shuarei who could stop their progression.

The warriors’ morale fell so low that it was crawling in the sand, and the final straw was when the strong warriors were saying that they could not take anymore. Mabis and Porangso had no choice but to retreat to the Bushy Forest Oasis.

But Pareia followed after them and started to fight. They defended the oasis with all of their might, but in the end, after 3 days, they lost the oasis and had to retreat to another oasis. Pareia was not satisfied with one oasis and continued to chase after them and continued attacking.

Porangso was in despair.

Mabis died when they lost the Bushy Oasis, and there were only 5,000 warriors left.

‘If we lose this oasis as well, Shuarei will absolutely lose at least a minimum of 3 oasis from this war. We must maintain this oasis in order to use this oasis as tribute to bring back the warriors as well as the women and children.’

Porangso made up his mind to do whatever he needed to do to light up the fire in the warriors to protect the oasis at least until tonight.

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