Author’s Thoughts

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Author’s Thoughts

  • About War
  1. The existence of Flags

The existence of many flags used in war can often be seen in videos or novels about the Three Kingdoms.

At first, I really wanted to know why they needed so many flags. I searched through the internet and literature about war, but I could not find a definitive explanation.

After thinking about it for a while, a thought suddenly came to mind. If thousands of troops are battling, how do you tell apart the allies and the enemies? And in the War of the Three Kingdoms, how could they manage to change their formations?

This made me think about the existence of the flags.

When so many people are chaotically fighting, they will easily lose track of what is North, South, East or West. In order to move according to command, shouldn’t they have something to tell them that it is coming from their own commanders?

It also felt like the issue couldn’t be resolved with just one or two flags. As for the Commanders, I believe that it would have been an important tool to tell whether their forces were winning or being pushed back.

It could also be a symbol for the troops, but I can’t help but wonder if the most important aspect of the flags was letting the troops know where to move, and figure out the location of their troops should they get separated.

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4 thoughts on “Author’s Thoughts” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. This line of reasoning makes sense, and also as to why the Author is having trouble finding explanations of why so many flags were used back in the day, it’s probably because in that time period this information was considered common sense to them. In our current time period we are used to using projectiles in urban and nature warfare and there hasn’t been a traditional battle fought where people would need directions from a flag in over a hundred years. Therefore your presumptions on why they were needed is probably spot on.

  2. I think the flag is commonly used for identification, and for command communication..they didn’t have walkie-talkie back then.
    It was double-edged sword, too.. I remember reading a story where a troop wore their enemy’s flag and armor to infiltrate the enemy’s headquarters and took the general’s head.

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