Red Storm (레드 스톰)

Author: Cyungchan Noh (노경찬)

Translator: miraclerifle

Schedule: 5/week

Synopsis: In this world, strong warriors are needed in order to conquer the hot crimson desert. The Pareia Tribal-Chief’s first-born son, named Yulian Provoke, secretly gallops through the stormy deserts alone. Only to find someone of destiny – an otherworldly man that would change his fate forever. This same young child who struggles to find purpose while embodying both ambition and revenge into his very own hands as he awaits that faithful day of confronting a particular person that was, supposedly, the culprit of his blood-mother’s death. At first, he was alone; but then after, he forms the RED STORM division – a group of powerful warriors at his command – in hopes of Conquering the Desert, braving towards those who oppose him, and bringing great fortune to his tribe.

Table of Contents

Book 1

Chapter 1.1 – Meeting the Old Man
Chapter 1.2 – Master and Disciple
Chapter 1.3 – How to Breathe, How to Not Breathe
Chapter 1.4 – The Mindset to be a Warrior
Chapter 1.5 – Wielding the Greatsword
Chapter 1.6 – Such a Terrible Disciple!
Chapter 1.7 – Why Are You Smiling?
Chapter 1.8 – The Path of Becoming a Glow
Chapter 2.1 – The Crimson Desert
Chapter 2.2 – The Fatty’s Demands
Chapter 2.3 – Heading Off
Chapter 2.4 – Looking for the Sand Dragon
Chapter 2.5 – The Red Dragon
Chapter 2.6 – Master vs Dragon
Chapter 3.1 – The Messenger
Chapter 3.2 – Causing a Ruckus
Chapter 3.3 – Recruitment
Chapter 3.4 – Red Storm Starts to Train
Chapter 4.1 – Grace Nellisi
Chapter 4.2 – I Came to Test My Future Husband!
Chapter 4.3 – The First Night
Chapter 4.4 – The Iron Princess
Chapter 5.1 – Let Us Fight You!
Chapter 5.2 – Fighting the Red Storm Warriors
Chapter 5.3 – The Four Horsemen and Their Squads
Chapter 5.4 – Punishment
Chapter 5.5 – The Golden Turtle (I)
Chapter 5.6 – The Golden Turtle (II)
Chapter 5.7 – The Strange Young Man
Chapter 5.8 – The Current World
Chapter 5.9 – Prepare for Trouble
Chapter 6.1 – Discussions with the Empire (I)
Chapter 6.2 – Discussions with the Empire (II)
Chapter 6.3 – Incident With The Prince (I)
Chapter 6.4 – Incident With The Prince (II)
Chapter 6.5 – Incident With The Prince (III)
Chapter 6.6 – We Must Get Rid of Him
Chapter 7.1 – Discussions With the Chiefs
Chapter 7.2 – The Plot (I)
Chapter 7.3 – The Plot (II)
Chapter 7.4 – The Plot (III)
Chapter 7.5 – The Plot (IV)

Book 2
Chapter 1.1 – Venersis
Chapter 1.2 – Flashback (I)
Chapter 1.3 – Flashback (II)
Chapter 1.4 – Taking Control of the Tribe (I)
Chapter 1.5 – Taking Control of the Tribe (II)
Chapter 1.6 – Next Steps
Chapter 1.7 – The Master Returns (I)
Chapter 1.8 – The Master Returns (II)
Chapter 1.9 – The Master Returns (III)
Chapter 1.10 – The Master Returns (IV)
Chapter 2.1 – The State of Pareia
Chapter 2.2 – Yulian’s Course of Action (I)
Chapter 2.3 – Yulian’s Course of Action (II)
Chapter 2.4 – Visiting the Oasis (I)
Chapter 2.5 – Visiting the Oasis (II)
Chapter 2.6 – Visiting the Oasis (III)
Chapter 3.1 – The Shuarei’s Plan
Chapter 3.2 – Heading Back (I)
Chapter 3.3 – Heading Back (II)
Chapter 3.4 – Librie (I)
Chapter 3.5 – Librie (II)
Chapter 4.1 – Before the War (I)
Chapter 4.2 Before the War (II)
Chapter 4.3 – First Campaign
Chapter 4.4 – Yulian Steps In (I)
Chapter 4.5 Yulian Steps In (II)
Chapter 4.5.5 – Author’s Thoughts
Chapter 5.1 – After the First Battle
Chapter 5.2 – Venersis Moves (I)
Chapter 5.3 – Venersis Moves (II)
Chapter 5.4 – Venersis Moves (III)
Chapter 5.5 – First Battle Against Venersis (I)
Chapter 5.6 – First Battle Against Venersis (II)
Chapter 5.7 – End of the First Campaign
Chapter 5.7.5 – Author’s Thoughts
Chapter 6.1 – The Provoke Family (I)
Chapter 6.2 – The Provoke Family (II)
Chapter 6.3 – The Provoke Family (III)
Chapter 6.4 – Pet Animal
Chapter 6.5 – Shopping
Chapter 7.1 – A Mirage
Chapter 7.2 – Captain Thriger (I)
Chapter 7.3 – Captain Thriger (II)
Chapter 7.4 – The Desert Runner (I)
Chapter 7.5 – The Desert Runner (II)

Book 3

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  1. OMG! OMG! This one has a FREAKING NOVEL!!!!!!! I just finished reading the manga of this one till the current translated chpater, now i dont need to wait for the freaking slow translation of the manga, bwhahahahh, thankyou very much wuxiaworld and you too. Miracle rifle, mwuah mwuah mwuah!!!!

      1. Did you not read his whole comment? He was saying that he was excited to find out that the manhwa came from a novel, and that the novel was being translated. Seemed like his comment was pretty clear to me. Your correction is more confusing. Maybe you’re trying to say that the manhwa originated from a novel instead of the other way around? ? ?

  2. My attitude is the same as Daoist WildForest… YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Love the manga, and i always seem to enjoy the light novel more than the manga, as it has more details. Excited for this novel, and welcome to WW!

    1. Yes yes~ I read manga way before light novels and now? Haven’t touched a manga in 10 months, well besides relife. Everything is just light novels here. Light novels there. Light novels everywhere! Lol

    1. Haha, same here. Stopped somewhere and never continued. Last thing I remember was something with the capital. I’ll give it a try. Well, later 🙂 how wait 2 more weeks, maybe 4 to binge it.
      Nice having you here, rifle. Welcome!

    1. @ saint lucky promissory note pretty sure it not,just cuz breaker and new wave both finish what be LONG time ago for manga and such.I <3 story was so excited when first start on them each….wish it had more but i know there not…like wishing for more wolf rain….it wont happend..

        1. Yeah, manga only. Those ***** authors stretched the story of the first 2 books so long, that they got too bored/lazy to write the 3rd.. hated it. I still have the picture of Shi-won crying out while becoming “an even greater demon king” as my desktop background reminding me every day of one of the greatest mangas I ever read *tears rolling*

  3. If the novel is slow as the manga its never going to catch up, thats for d*mn sure. I’ve been following the manga since the ch.2 release, Red Storm has soo much potential [sigh]. Looking forward to seeing what direction they went with the novel plot.

    1. Hello, the manhwa and the novel has some similar but many different aspects. But if you are caught up with the manhwa, right now the start of volume 3 is pretty much where the manhwa is.

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