🌀Red Storm Chapter 116🌀

새해 복 많이 받으세요! Happy Chinese Lunar New Year! Have you heard of the volare CNY event where you can unlock bonus chapters of some of your favorite WW novels including Red Storm, your all time favorite? 😉

Voting ends in a few days, so get your votes in! Question for Red Storm can be found HERE!

On a separate note, if you are wondering why I am calling it Lunar New Year instead of Chinese New Year, here is a simple article about it:
It’s Lunar New Year, not Chinese New Year

Nothing against my Chinese colleagues who are more than welcome to celebrate Chinese New Year, but it has, and always will be Lunar New Year to me 🙂


Chapter 116


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Teaser for Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Teaser

Teaser archive in case you are interested in what was used for previous chapters.

Teaser Archive

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I wanted to let you know about what has been going on. I’ve had some family issues and just got back from a funeral. I have maintained my 5 chapters a week until now, and hope to stay on task with it.

So thank you all for understanding why the releases have been so sporadic lately, and I look forward to a continued adventure with all of you! Only 3 more books to go!

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  1. Personally, as an ethnically Chinese person, I believe that Chinese New Year is a correct name along with Lunar New Year, since it is based off a lunisolar calendar that originated from Chinese culture. I have to admit that I was also a bit pissed off when the word “Chinese” was crossed out. Every Asian country celebrates their Lunar New Year differently, but without the Chinese Calendar, this celebration wouldn’t exist. I don’t want to come off as rude, but I had to post my opinion here. Sorry, Miraclerifle!

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